Friday, August 27, 2010

A different blog entry [Archived]

I normally do not post details about my personal relationships online for all to see, but perhaps this deserves special merit. 

I also want to be discreet about who this person is. I really don't want to ruin existing cirumstances with this person and ruin a friendship because of it.


A couple of weeks ago I posted a blog on what attracts me to someone. What I listed more than anything else: Personality, looks, or even similar interests is mutual respect. This person actually takes the time to genuinely listen to what I have to say (and vice versa) and I really respect her for that, and in a ways, that gave me a serious crush on this person. This person in question is very caring and understanding, and I think that's what draws me to her. Okay, not think, I know. lol

While I do not believe in "leagues" so to say, I do know that this person is interested in someone else. I do not see myself being too upset about it (as it was well expected). But, if it's one thing that hurts, it's the issue of the unrequited affection behind it. That alone can tear even the toughest person to shreds.

Now someone may be reading this and wonder: "Why the hell is he posting this?" No person is exactly perfect and everyone has their flaws. In the case of myself, it's pretty much pointless to try and pursue anything out of it from existing circumstances and it is best to keep things where they are. The more complaining or yearning one may do may not get the results one desires.

/end rant
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