Thursday, August 19, 2010

What is Dojo Adventure? : Inspirations behind it. [Archived]

I get asked this question a lot. Well, more than I would want to be asked at least. A lot of people are curious and ask me all kinds of questions about it. What kind of game is it? When will it be done? What's with the weird names?

Well, Dojo Adventure is a Puzzle Role-Playing Game. At least I'd like to consider it one. It's the first real video game project that I really wanted to design. I came up with many storyboards and characters when I was in middle school due to my reclusive nature. (Yay, bullying! We'll save that for another blog post.) Anyway, I compiled all of my character and story creations and mixed them into one huge game. Well, the one's that fit the continuity of my vision.

Story Progression

Dojo is only a slang term of sorts. That's what the people in the game call the "dungeon" or "puzzle" that the Sealbearer "trains" or "resides" in. The concept of Dojos were largely inspired by two specific games.

1) The Puzzles in the Lufia series for Super Nintendo.

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