Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Update on Dojo Adventure Progress (Sep. 28) [Archived]

I know I said I was getting Dojo Adventure finished sometime last week, but as I play through it, I keep finding minor bugs that need to be fixed and improved upon. Luckily, most of the major bugs are gone now, but I am looking to post Dojo Adventure on Amaranth Games and one of their rules specifically states that the game has to pretty much be devoid of issues. Anyway, that's what has been taking most of my time. I may just post the current build of the game on MySpace or Facebook within the next couple of days and let my friends try and catch things I may have missed, but I think I did an overall good job as far as these issues are concerned. Anyway, if you were wondering why the game still isn't up, that's your reason.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

First Eorzean Journal. [Archived]

First Eorzean Journal: (Will also be posted on The Lodestone) I officially started Final Fantasy XIV client on the morning of September 23rd just after midnight PST. I can say I had the game on launch day, but unfortunately can say I didn’t make it into the game on launch day. Sad face. Anyway, I am a midland Hyur on Figaro Server who started in the land of Gridania! I picked a Gladiator given that I was a Paladin in a “previous life”, (FFXI). Naturally I'm a sword/shield enthusiast and I like protecting others, so I was naturally drawn to it. I really enjoy the story that is going on with Gridania so far, it’s not as serious as the other two nations at least. Very lighthearted so far – I’m being introduced to all of the guilds available as they try to figure out the Treant I was chased by in the opening scene. Then I had to escort two NPCs through an instanced forest and protect them from Chigoes. Very interesting storyline to say the least, though some of the instances get annoying. Like if I run out too far, it throws me back in the instance, quite annoying. >.< Anywho. Next, I want to talk about our linkshell: “Viva Eorzea”. We formed as a group a couple of months ago and I was pleased on how easy it is to warp to and from the various countries in order to get people linkpearls. One thing I learned from playing is that you can teleport an entire party of 15 to an aetheryte even if people have not visited it before! It is much of an improvement in the ways of travel than FFXI, if you ask me. Our Linkshell: .. Anyway, that’s as much as I’ll talk about for the first entry, more records from my adventures are to come! Oh, and I got killed by a tentacle.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dojo Adventure Class Abilities [Archived]

Front - Front line class. Gets priority from monsters and in most cases takes hits before all others.

Middle - Middle priority, will usually get attacked after front line classes but before the rear.

Rear - In most cases, gets attacked last.

New abilities for upcoming September release are in bold.


LV 3 - Rally
LV 8 - Blueblade Slash
LV 13 - Aqua Buster
LV 18 - Heal 1
LV 25 - Spiral Blade
LV 28 - Heal 2
LV 32 - One Hit Wonder
LV 35 - Focus
LV 38 - Heal 3
LV 50 - Cleave
LV 70 - Revive 1
LV 85 - Quadraslash
LV 90 - Final Cross-Slash (Final Ability)

Assassin: (Rear)

LV 5 - Fire 1
LV 6 - Rally
LV 7 - Slow 1
LV 8 - Aim
LV 10 - Ice 1
LV 12 - Flame 1
LV 17 - Water 1
LV 20 - Paralyze 1
LV 22 - Wind 1
LV 23 - Blizzard 1
LV 24 - Mute 1
LV 25 - Stealth (Battle)
LV 27 - Confuse 1
LV 30 - Poison 1
LV 31 - Sleep 1
LV 35 - Sacrifice
LV 40 - Quick Strike
LV 43 - Paralyze 2
LV 45 - Slow 2
LV 47 - Mute 2
LV 49 - Poison 2
LV 50 - Fire 2
LV 53 - Confuse 2
LV 55 - Ice 2
LV 60 - Water 2
LV 62 - Sleep 2
LV 65 - Wind 2
LV 70 - Flame 2
LV 75 - Blizzard 2
LV 80 - Flood 2
LV 85 - Tornado 2
LV 88 - Death 1
LV 90 - Octoslash (Final Ability)

Blackbelt: (Middle)

LV 2 - Crit Hit
LV 5 - Iron Fist
LV 10 - Chi Flow
LV 15 - Chi Explosion
LV 18 - Fists of Anger
LV 25 - Tiger Stance
LV 30 - Tranquility
LV 35 - Claw Strike
LV 45 - Rage
LV 50 - Meditate
LV 55 - Dragon Stance
LV 65 - Flame Claw
LV 70 - Ice Claw
LV 90 - Final Knockout (Final Ability)

Paramedic: (Front)

LV 2 - Heal 1
LV 3- Quick 1
LV 4 - Paralypur 1
LV 5 - Sleepur 1
LV 6 - Poispur 1
LV 7 - Sharp 1
LV 8 - Safe 1
LV 9 - Revive 1
LV 10 - First Aid
LV 11 - Mute 1
LV 12 - Recover 1
LV 13 - Paralypur 2
LV 16 - Heal 2
LV 17 - Sleep 1
LV 18 - Divine 1
LV 19 - Reverse 1
LV 20 - Safe 2
LV 21 - Paralyze 1
LV 22 - Recover 2
LV 23 - Divinity 1
LV 25 - Negate 1
LV 26 - Quick 2
LV 27 - Sharp 2
LV 28 - Divine 2
LV 32 - Heal 3
LV 33 - Divinity 2
LV 36 - Paralyze 2
LV 37 - Sleep 2
LV 38 - Divine 3
LV 39 - Mute 2
LV 40 - Paralypur 2
LV 42 - Sleepur 2
LV 44 - Poispur 2
LV 46 - Reverse 2
LV 50 - Revive 2
LV 65 - Negate 2
LV 80 - Revive 3
LV 90 - Rejuvenation (Final Ability)


LV 2 - Fire 1
LV 3 - Bolt 1
LV 4 - Ice 1
LV 5 - Earth 1
LV 6 - Water 1
LV 7 - Poison 1
LV 8 - Wind 1
LV 9 - Fire 2
LV 9 - Flame 1
LV 10 - Confuse 1
LV 12 - Ice 2
LV 12 - Blizzard 1
LV 13 - Bolt 2
LV 13 - Lightning 1
LV 14 - Wind 2
LV 14 - Tornado 1
LV 15 - Water 2
LV 15 - Flood 1
LV 16 - Slow 1
LV 18 - Dark 1
LV 19 - Earth 2
LV 19 - Quake 1
LV 21 - Fire 3
LV 21 - Flame 2
LV 23 - Ice 3
LV 23 - Blizzard 2
LV 24 - Bolt 3
LV 24 - Lightning 2
LV 25 - Earth 3
LV 25 - Quake 2
LV 26 - Water 3
LV 26 - Flood 2
LV 27 - Wind 3
LV 27 - Tornado 2
LV 30 - Dark 2
LV 35 - Nightmare 1
LV 45 - Dark 3
LV 50 - Nightmare 2
LV 65 - Fire 4
LV 68 - Flame 3
LV 70 - Ice 4
LV 73 - Blizzard 3
LV 75 - Bolt 4
LV 78 - Lightning 3
LV 80 - Wind 4
LV 83 - Tornado 3
LV 85 - Earth 4
LV 87 - Quake 3
LV 88 - Water 4
LV 89 - Flood 3
LV 90 - Elemental Wheel (Final Ability)

Hunter: (Rear)

LV 5 - Aim
LV 10 - Stun Shot
LV 15 - Poison Shot
LV 20 - Mute Shot
LV 25 - Paralyze Shot
LV 30 - Blazing Shot
LV 35 - Frozen Shot
LV 50 - Triple Shot
LV 65 - Crescent Force
LV 75 - Quadruple Shot
LV 90 - Disease Shot (Final Ability)

Tamer: (Middle - For Player Only)

LV 2 - Snake Bite
LV 3 - Entice
LV 5 - Scorpion Sting
LV 15 - Eagle Claw
LV 20 - Imp Claw
LV 25 - Bird Swoop
Lv 30 - Ravage
LV 35 - Ram
LV 40 - Regeneration
LV 45 - Dust Storm
LV 47 - Tidal Storm
LV 49 - Ice Rain
LV 50 - Charm
LV 51 - Fire Breath
LV 53 - Thunder Strike
LV 55 - Repurification
LV 65 - Healing Wind
LV 70 - Fire Skean
LV 75 - Bolt Skean
LV 80 - Ice Skean
LV 90 - Reaper (Final Ability)

Magician: (Rear - For Mercenaries Only)

LV 5 - Fire 1
Lv 6 - Earth 1
LV 7 - Ice 1
LV 8 - Wind 1
LV 9 - Bolt 1
LV 10 - Heal 1
LV 11 - Water 1
LV 15 - Fire 2
LV 16 - Earth 2
LV 17 - Ice 2
LV 18 - Wind 2
LV 19 - Bolt 2
LV 20 - Poispur 1
LV 21 - Water 2
LV 22 - Sleepur 1
LV 24 - Safe 1
LV 25 - Heal 2
LV 26 - MagSafe 1
LV 28 - Paralypur 1
LV 30 - Mute 1
LV 32 - Sleep 1
LV 34 - Paralyze 1
LV 35 - Heal 3
LV 36 - Slow 1
LV 38 - Sharp 1
LV 45 - Fire 3
LV 46 - Earth 3
LV 47 - Ice 3
LV 48 - Wind 3
LV 49 - Bolt 3
LV 51 - Water 3

Monday, September 20, 2010

Progress on Dojo Adventure (Updated Sept. 20) [Archived]

Changes to Dojo Adventure coming in the September version: -The title screen graphics have been modified. (By Stefanie Brignac) -The game over screen graphics have been modified. (By Stefanie Brignac) -The Swordsman Male graphic has been changed. -Several areas have had aesthetic and graphical improvements. -A new class has been added for mercenaries: Magician (See Below) -The running speed for characters has been improved and increased. -Several new areas have been added. The Naise Region Varunian Ecocrystal Zaya Caverns - B1 Zaya Caverns - B2 Zaya Caverns - B3 Zaya Caverns - B4 Zaya Caverns - B5 Zaya Caverns - B6 Zaya Caverns - B7 Zaya Caverns - B8 Zaya Caverns - B9 Zaya Caverns - B10 Zaya Caverns - B11 Zaya Caverns - B12 Zaya Caverns - B13 Zaya Caverns - B14 Zaya Caverns - B15 Zaya Caverns - B16 Zaya Caverns - B17 Zaya Caverns - B18 Zaya Caverns - B19 Zaya Caverns - B20 Zaya Caverns - B21 Zaya Caverns - B22 Zaya Caverns - B23 Zaya Caverns - B24 Zaya Caverns - B25 -The end of the Varunian leg of the journey has been added. -The introduction tutorial has been modified. It is now impossible to fail the tutorial fight. -The country select area has been remodeled and Varuna is now accessible from the beginning. -The ending of the game has been added. -Mercenary disbanders have been added to the front of the following Dojo battlefields: Akademian Dojo #1 Foresian Dojo #1 Varunian Dojo #1 -AP now recovers at a faster rate outside of battle dependent on the Magic Localization Value of the area. -AP now recovers inside the depths of the Ecocrystal Core. The harsher the influence, the slower it recovers. -NPCs have been added throughout the Varunian continent that will teleport you back to town for a fee. -Dragon rental stables have been added to West Varuna and Tarianne Fortress. -The flower merchant in Tarianne Fortress has been moved. -Lightning effects have been added to the Luxri Mansion and its equivalent to make travelling it much easier. -The font for time limits has been modified. -New multi-hit abilities have been added. -The designs of the three Ecocrystal areas have been modified. -The designs of the three Fort areas have been modified. -Legendary weapons for each class have been added for the following classes: -Swordsman -Assassin -Blackbelt -Elementalist -Hunter -Tamer Note: Paramedic does not have a legendary weapon due to the nature of the class. -New treasure chests have been added in various areas. -Special treasure chests have been added to the Varunian Dojo areas. -Battle dialogue has been modified. -In order to maintain smooth frame rates and consistency, some areas have had their architecture modified. -New sidequests have been added to the Varunian region. _ The game is almost completed, not much stuff left to do! Expect the new version to be up on September 30th.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Games I am looking forward to: 2010-2011 and beyond! [Archived]

Pokemon Black and White Version (Nintendo DS)

I can't wait for these games. Nintendo/Game Freak actually did it right. I never thought they'd surpass the brilliance of remaking Gold and Silver for the DS, but they gave these games a whole new breath of life into them. Online play on the field? I'm excited! And it has JUST enough nostalgia for older players to want to play (plus you can import your Pokemon from the older titles!)

The Last Story (Wii)

A Wii RPG developed by the original FF creator (Sakaguchi) after he left Square-Enix. There's really not that much information about it, but take a look at the trailer.

The Last Guardian (PS3)

I don't know much about the game, but I saw the trailer at TGS and it got me excited.

Nintendo 3DS (Console)

This handheld console has the technological advancements that surpass the Nintendo Wii in graphics and have the processing power of an Xbox 360 console. I am confused as hell on why this console is not getting more attention than it is. Rest in peace, Sony PlayStation Portable. It was really nice knowing you.

Goldeneye (Wii)

This is still one of my only favorite first-person shooters at the moment. EA Games is remaking it and I'm interested to see how faithful they remain to the original. I'm cautiously optimistic! I hope this game gets the public attention it deserves. There wouldn't be a Halo or Modern Warfare if it wasn't for this game to pioneer that type of genre to begin with.

Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals (Nintendo DS)

It's a remake of one of the first RPGs I have ever played on the Super Nintendo, to not purchase it would mean that I ignore the very game that got me into role-playing games as a kid.

I like the Japanese trailer more though...

Marvel Vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds (PS3/Xbox 360)

The sequel to one of the most epic fighting games in EXISTENCE. Am I going to be taken for a ride? Damn right, I will.

Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii)

Nintendo put Retro Studios in charge of rebooting one of the best SNES franchises in existence, Donkey Kong Country. This was after their original developers were bought out by Microsoft and now they only make games for Xbox. (Traitors.)

Anyway, I hope they don't screw it up.

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light
(Nintendo DS)

An original 3D Final Fantasy coming to the Nintendo DS. I'm not so psyched about the in-game music (trailer music is still awesome), but I'm certain the game will still be fun to play, reminiscent of FF3 for DS, anyway.

Final Fantasy XIV Online (PC/PS3/Xbox 360)

The best for last? Probably. I have probably bored the hell out of my friends with this game from just talking about it. OVER AND OVER. If you know me well or talk to me often, you probably haven't escaped me talking about it. (I'm sorry!) Anyway, I'm looking forward to this FF, it really brings back all the sense of adventure that I had from when I was a little kid. lol There are also some real life friends of mine that plan on joining the game with me in the Winter and for PS3 release. I can't wait to adventure with them! ^_^

Can you tell I'm excited?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New FFS Skit: The Adventures of Bushman. [Archived]

Our YouTube movie group, FFS Entertainment, has put a new movie up last night. We all took a trip to Citrus Plaza the other day to freak people out in costume and we filmed a skit which involved Bushman (played by Ian) hiding in and out of bushes on his way to the Gardening section at the local Target. We were originally going to call it "Bush Camp" due to the Boot Camp exercises that he does on the way, but in the end, Shadoe swapped the title to account for additional clips that take place towards the end. In any case, we hope you have as much fun watching it as we did filming it, that day was a blast. (Video no longer available.)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Future Group/Personal Projects [Archived]

I have been very busy during my summer vacation, but the "fun" type of busy. FFS Entertainment: Subscribe to our YouTube channel! I apologize for not talking about this group as much as I should be, but this is the YouTube group I am involved with. It is led by JD Sandoval, and I act as administrator along with my colleagues Shadoe and Jabari. We just had a very successful meeting two days ago where we filmed two skits Shadoe and I wrote and then went to Citrus Plaza to film some more skits. I also got to meet more of the people in the group in-person. Being the awkwardly shy person that I am, doing this was a very inspiring, enlightening experience. I could probably say it's the craziest thing I've ever done going out in public while costumed and getting weird looks from people. But it was a blast, and I really enjoyed it! Some other stuff that is planned to air on our YouTube is "Talking with Jon", a talk show skit that Shadoe and I wrote where a husband cheats on his wife with a ditto. "Chocolate Pizza II" which is the sequel to Chocolate Pizza, and "Bush Camp" where Bushman freaks out random people in Citrus Plaza. Please subscribe to us, we're slowly getting better with filming and the writing of these skits, and I promise, more funny absurd stuff is to come! Dojo Adventure I'm well aware I promised the final version of the game to come out on the 8th, but there have been some problems that have caused me to delay it until an undetermined time. However, all I can really say is that a new version of the game is coming before September 22nd. Lots of changes have been made to the game, so I'm really just smoothing things out for people who have had older files that are willing to transfer to the new version without the game messing up for them. Compatibility issues if you will.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My thoughts on Final Fantasy XIV Beta. [Archived]

Note: I am more of a Final Fantasy fan than a MMO fan, so my thoughts will be more compared to FFXI and other FFs in the series rather than competing MMOs in the market. Keep that in mind. My thoughts: I think Final Fantasy XIV has potential, I really do. I pre-ordered the Collector's edition and I have no intention of stopping it (mainly because I'm already leading a linkshell that's going to be there from launch). In any case, from what I've played it has some good points and it has some that should have had more time. Good: The character creation is pretty amazing. I really like how they have improved over Final Fantasy XI in terms of character creation and variety. I do wish they added some new options though. Maybe a male Mi'quote would have been nice... The idea of non-fixed classes. Well, they're fixed by name only, but you can mix and match abilities and I like that over Final Fantasy XI and brings in a sense of character customization akin to Final Fantasy V and the later FFs in the series. The return of Nobuo Uematsu! The music in Final Fantasy XI and XIII were awful compared to some of the vibrant tracks in the other games in the series and I'm happy that the original composer behind the Final Fantasy series makes his return. Seamless transitions between areas in the same region. I really like how I can leave Gridania and go into the forest without any fadeouts or long loading times. It is definitely an improvement from FFXI, and I think XIII had seamless transitions as well, so this seems like it was an improvement over that, which makes sense. The cutscenes. The opening cutscenes of all three nations are pretty epic. I'm really looking forward to later scenes in the storyline which act this way, after an important boss fight or what have you. I am hopeful for some signature characters to look forward to (similar to Shantotto in XI) Papalymo(sp?), perhaps? Improvements to the battle system as a whole. I'm sorry to all the people who like auto attack, but I like this method much better. I learned a crap ton of abilities within XIV so I felt very active in the game choosing all of the commands. Call me old fashioned, but I really disliked the auto-attack feature in XI and XII, battles seemed really boring to me. The first 10 minutes of Final Fantasy XIV were better than the first 23 hours of Final Fantasy XIII. Neutral: I don't think this really qualifies as good or bad, but other people have mentioned this and I have to agree. There are some features that I know people who have had backgrounds from other MMOs would really like included with XIV and S-E wants to refrain from doing this to keep a balance with console gamers. I guess in a way, I can understand it because the Final Fantasy series is primarily a console game franchise and they do not want to upset what can potentially be their core market due to the astounding price of a computer to run this game. This isn't means to justify their actions for doing this, though. I believe they could have taken some more time to have the option available incase they would like to include features PC players want that can also be added to PS3 and Xbox 360 players in the future. Bad: The UI needs improvement. It's really clunky and laggy. I hope we can get some Japanese input on how XI was on release, but I think S-E is probably aware of the problems and they usually fix bad errors like these pretty quickly. The development team needs to be more vocal. Just mentioning of the surplus system and no responses for quite a while means that the game already got some bad publicity. Hiromichi Tanaka's infamous tweet didn't help any of that either. They need to hire translators for other countries anytime they make a public statement about a MMO. None of this "you foreign players don't understand anything" sort of crap. If you want players to play worldwide, you don't alienate and confuse them. That's my opinion, anyway. Server latency. I believe the alpha and first phase beta tests should have been longer and more open. I should not have to press an action key 20 times and get "This action could not be processed" x20. Very frustrating. Having to open the menu for certain actions. In XI you could just tab over to the target. You can keep the options in the menu for the heck of it if you want, but if I target a player, I should have some kind of menu that pops up where it's easier to invite them. Awkward controls on the gamepad. VERY awkward controls. Easier to access inventory. or the first 20 minutes of the game, I literally could not find the menu to use a Potion, that really kinda made me angry, :/ Final Final Thoughts: I plan on playing Final Fantasy XIV and I am hopeful that it will have a good launch despite how many people complain. The game has issues, sure, but all MMOs do. There's no excuse for some of the server latency going on, but they should have invited more serious testers rather than random people who just attend their fan festivals and be more open to "foreign" feedback. With XI, I didn't know what I was getting into, but XIV I do know what I'm getting into. If I end up not liking it, I can just stop playing and go back to XI. I really doubt it'll be the case once the game gets a little smoother over the months. I stopped playing the beta for a couple of weeks, and I went back on Friday to show a friend and can already see clear improvement with less lag on the server. But that can also come from the fact that all of the servers are still three-chocobo overcrowded. In any case, I hope to see you all in Eorzea, I'm definitely giving the game a chance, even if others will not.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Zaya Caverns / Dojo Adventure Postponement... again! [Archived]

I'm unfortunately going to have to postpone the release of Dojo Adventure... again. Reason being that I'm working on one of the dungeons that is just causing error after error and I'm going through the multitude of floors trying to clean up my design mess.

Anyway, for people who have played the game before in its current incarnation, when you get access to the Airship, you have an option to fly to the other two countries or the Zaya Caverns, but access to the cave is blocked. So this blog entry is going to explain what it is going to be!

First and foremost, exploration of the Zaya Caverns is not required to complete the main storyline. It is an extra area that one can use their characters for an extra quest within the main quest, so to say.

Zaya Caverns is a semi-randomized 25 floor "cavern" that explores random areas you may have visited in the real game. Despite its name, it does not encompass inside areas only, it can be both inside and outside areas. Most of these areas have an additional puzzle or some aesthetic changes that make the dungeon harder than its game counterpart.

How to participate:

From any airship dock, select "Fly to Zaya Caverns" from the menu. Once you arrive, head to the main area. The attendant will then ask you how long you would like entry into the cave. The time allowed inside is fixed and cannot be modified or changed once entered.

Once you enter, time will start counting down, the object of the mini-game is to try to climb down as many floors you can within the strict time limit. If the time limit hits 0:00, you will be evacuated out of the area and sent back into the lobby area where you can pay more coins to try again.

Contained within certain floors can be one of various things: Random Save Points (Time will be kept if you load data), Regenerating chests that contain magic shards, or if you're lucky, a piece of Cursed Armor. Cursed armor can be purified into extremely rare pieces of armor by talking to the Purifier on Zaya Island.

There are also many enemies of different levels that reside within Zaya Caverns, and time does continue to tick while in battle, so choose your battles wisely!

If one makes it all the way to the 25th floor with time remaining, a special surprise awaits!

Zaya Caverns is coming in the next version.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Updates [Archived]

I haven't really taken the time to show my progress this summer, so I might as well get around to doing that.


I've been taking classes in the summer in order to minimize my severe load during the school year. I took Sociology and Literature which I got a B+ and B- in respectively, I am also taking Biology which I predict I'll get a B in as well. However, it's so hard to maintain focus in that class, so much so that I regularly fall asleep in lectures. I'm happy I have studying assistance to help do well with the course.

I'm also fighting tooth and nail to get into Calculus III and Digital Logic for the Fall, the efforts are both failing miserably, but I'm trying to substitute them with alternative courses, it's very stressful.

I am looking forward to fall quarter, though!

Dojo Adventure

The game project is going quite well, and I think I'll have the game finished by September 8th, assuming everything continues to go smooth. I'd post screenshots of progress, but with what I'm working on, it'd be a huge spoiler.

Final Fantasy XIV

A badass trailer came out the other day.

I know I'm probably annoying the hell out of my friends with this game, but I am so excited, and in this day and age it is really hard to get excited for games. lol I really hope I have a lot of fun in Eorzea, and if you (the reader) joins along, I know you will too! ^_^

I'm leading a group called Viva Eorzea, and we've created a Facebook group and a LS Website. So, please join us! :)


I introduced a friend to the joys of the PlayStation 2 and she's currently playing through Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts. I also took her with me on one of my game hunts and she seemed to like it, but we were able to pick up a good AV cable, a controller, and some memory cards, and I was kinda bummed that I couldn't find a copy of Vagrant Story or Final Fantasy Origins (for a good price), but we did find a copy of Final Fantasy X-2 for five dollars, that was a pretty damn good deal if you ask me. I also lent her my copy of Final Fantasy IV for GBA.

As for future gaming projects, I do want to finish Final Fantasy 1 and 2, F-Zero GX, Pokemon SoulSilver, and Chrono Cross, which I'm still working on all of them. Progress on that is still to come.


I'm working on various scripts for future skits for FFS Entertainment while handling a lot of turmoil within the group. I won't post details here, as it's not needed, I just wish there would be a lot less drama and some people keep their true feelings about others to themselves. That's all I'll say there.