Saturday, September 25, 2010

First Eorzean Journal. [Archived]

First Eorzean Journal: (Will also be posted on The Lodestone) I officially started Final Fantasy XIV client on the morning of September 23rd just after midnight PST. I can say I had the game on launch day, but unfortunately can say I didn’t make it into the game on launch day. Sad face. Anyway, I am a midland Hyur on Figaro Server who started in the land of Gridania! I picked a Gladiator given that I was a Paladin in a “previous life”, (FFXI). Naturally I'm a sword/shield enthusiast and I like protecting others, so I was naturally drawn to it. I really enjoy the story that is going on with Gridania so far, it’s not as serious as the other two nations at least. Very lighthearted so far – I’m being introduced to all of the guilds available as they try to figure out the Treant I was chased by in the opening scene. Then I had to escort two NPCs through an instanced forest and protect them from Chigoes. Very interesting storyline to say the least, though some of the instances get annoying. Like if I run out too far, it throws me back in the instance, quite annoying. >.< Anywho. Next, I want to talk about our linkshell: “Viva Eorzea”. We formed as a group a couple of months ago and I was pleased on how easy it is to warp to and from the various countries in order to get people linkpearls. One thing I learned from playing is that you can teleport an entire party of 15 to an aetheryte even if people have not visited it before! It is much of an improvement in the ways of travel than FFXI, if you ask me. Our Linkshell: .. Anyway, that’s as much as I’ll talk about for the first entry, more records from my adventures are to come! Oh, and I got killed by a tentacle.
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