Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Future Group/Personal Projects [Archived]

I have been very busy during my summer vacation, but the "fun" type of busy. FFS Entertainment: Subscribe to our YouTube channel! I apologize for not talking about this group as much as I should be, but this is the YouTube group I am involved with. It is led by JD Sandoval, and I act as administrator along with my colleagues Shadoe and Jabari. We just had a very successful meeting two days ago where we filmed two skits Shadoe and I wrote and then went to Citrus Plaza to film some more skits. I also got to meet more of the people in the group in-person. Being the awkwardly shy person that I am, doing this was a very inspiring, enlightening experience. I could probably say it's the craziest thing I've ever done going out in public while costumed and getting weird looks from people. But it was a blast, and I really enjoyed it! Some other stuff that is planned to air on our YouTube is "Talking with Jon", a talk show skit that Shadoe and I wrote where a husband cheats on his wife with a ditto. "Chocolate Pizza II" which is the sequel to Chocolate Pizza, and "Bush Camp" where Bushman freaks out random people in Citrus Plaza. Please subscribe to us, we're slowly getting better with filming and the writing of these skits, and I promise, more funny absurd stuff is to come! Dojo Adventure I'm well aware I promised the final version of the game to come out on the 8th, but there have been some problems that have caused me to delay it until an undetermined time. However, all I can really say is that a new version of the game is coming before September 22nd. Lots of changes have been made to the game, so I'm really just smoothing things out for people who have had older files that are willing to transfer to the new version without the game messing up for them. Compatibility issues if you will.
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