Monday, September 20, 2010

Progress on Dojo Adventure (Updated Sept. 20) [Archived]

Changes to Dojo Adventure coming in the September version: -The title screen graphics have been modified. (By Stefanie Brignac) -The game over screen graphics have been modified. (By Stefanie Brignac) -The Swordsman Male graphic has been changed. -Several areas have had aesthetic and graphical improvements. -A new class has been added for mercenaries: Magician (See Below) -The running speed for characters has been improved and increased. -Several new areas have been added. The Naise Region Varunian Ecocrystal Zaya Caverns - B1 Zaya Caverns - B2 Zaya Caverns - B3 Zaya Caverns - B4 Zaya Caverns - B5 Zaya Caverns - B6 Zaya Caverns - B7 Zaya Caverns - B8 Zaya Caverns - B9 Zaya Caverns - B10 Zaya Caverns - B11 Zaya Caverns - B12 Zaya Caverns - B13 Zaya Caverns - B14 Zaya Caverns - B15 Zaya Caverns - B16 Zaya Caverns - B17 Zaya Caverns - B18 Zaya Caverns - B19 Zaya Caverns - B20 Zaya Caverns - B21 Zaya Caverns - B22 Zaya Caverns - B23 Zaya Caverns - B24 Zaya Caverns - B25 -The end of the Varunian leg of the journey has been added. -The introduction tutorial has been modified. It is now impossible to fail the tutorial fight. -The country select area has been remodeled and Varuna is now accessible from the beginning. -The ending of the game has been added. -Mercenary disbanders have been added to the front of the following Dojo battlefields: Akademian Dojo #1 Foresian Dojo #1 Varunian Dojo #1 -AP now recovers at a faster rate outside of battle dependent on the Magic Localization Value of the area. -AP now recovers inside the depths of the Ecocrystal Core. The harsher the influence, the slower it recovers. -NPCs have been added throughout the Varunian continent that will teleport you back to town for a fee. -Dragon rental stables have been added to West Varuna and Tarianne Fortress. -The flower merchant in Tarianne Fortress has been moved. -Lightning effects have been added to the Luxri Mansion and its equivalent to make travelling it much easier. -The font for time limits has been modified. -New multi-hit abilities have been added. -The designs of the three Ecocrystal areas have been modified. -The designs of the three Fort areas have been modified. -Legendary weapons for each class have been added for the following classes: -Swordsman -Assassin -Blackbelt -Elementalist -Hunter -Tamer Note: Paramedic does not have a legendary weapon due to the nature of the class. -New treasure chests have been added in various areas. -Special treasure chests have been added to the Varunian Dojo areas. -Battle dialogue has been modified. -In order to maintain smooth frame rates and consistency, some areas have had their architecture modified. -New sidequests have been added to the Varunian region. _ The game is almost completed, not much stuff left to do! Expect the new version to be up on September 30th.
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