Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September Updates [Archived]

I haven't really taken the time to show my progress this summer, so I might as well get around to doing that.


I've been taking classes in the summer in order to minimize my severe load during the school year. I took Sociology and Literature which I got a B+ and B- in respectively, I am also taking Biology which I predict I'll get a B in as well. However, it's so hard to maintain focus in that class, so much so that I regularly fall asleep in lectures. I'm happy I have studying assistance to help do well with the course.

I'm also fighting tooth and nail to get into Calculus III and Digital Logic for the Fall, the efforts are both failing miserably, but I'm trying to substitute them with alternative courses, it's very stressful.

I am looking forward to fall quarter, though!

Dojo Adventure

The game project is going quite well, and I think I'll have the game finished by September 8th, assuming everything continues to go smooth. I'd post screenshots of progress, but with what I'm working on, it'd be a huge spoiler.

Final Fantasy XIV

A badass trailer came out the other day.

I know I'm probably annoying the hell out of my friends with this game, but I am so excited, and in this day and age it is really hard to get excited for games. lol I really hope I have a lot of fun in Eorzea, and if you (the reader) joins along, I know you will too! ^_^

I'm leading a group called Viva Eorzea, and we've created a Facebook group and a LS Website. So, please join us! :)


I introduced a friend to the joys of the PlayStation 2 and she's currently playing through Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts. I also took her with me on one of my game hunts and she seemed to like it, but we were able to pick up a good AV cable, a controller, and some memory cards, and I was kinda bummed that I couldn't find a copy of Vagrant Story or Final Fantasy Origins (for a good price), but we did find a copy of Final Fantasy X-2 for five dollars, that was a pretty damn good deal if you ask me. I also lent her my copy of Final Fantasy IV for GBA.

As for future gaming projects, I do want to finish Final Fantasy 1 and 2, F-Zero GX, Pokemon SoulSilver, and Chrono Cross, which I'm still working on all of them. Progress on that is still to come.


I'm working on various scripts for future skits for FFS Entertainment while handling a lot of turmoil within the group. I won't post details here, as it's not needed, I just wish there would be a lot less drama and some people keep their true feelings about others to themselves. That's all I'll say there.
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