Friday, September 10, 2010

Zaya Caverns / Dojo Adventure Postponement... again! [Archived]

I'm unfortunately going to have to postpone the release of Dojo Adventure... again. Reason being that I'm working on one of the dungeons that is just causing error after error and I'm going through the multitude of floors trying to clean up my design mess.

Anyway, for people who have played the game before in its current incarnation, when you get access to the Airship, you have an option to fly to the other two countries or the Zaya Caverns, but access to the cave is blocked. So this blog entry is going to explain what it is going to be!

First and foremost, exploration of the Zaya Caverns is not required to complete the main storyline. It is an extra area that one can use their characters for an extra quest within the main quest, so to say.

Zaya Caverns is a semi-randomized 25 floor "cavern" that explores random areas you may have visited in the real game. Despite its name, it does not encompass inside areas only, it can be both inside and outside areas. Most of these areas have an additional puzzle or some aesthetic changes that make the dungeon harder than its game counterpart.

How to participate:

From any airship dock, select "Fly to Zaya Caverns" from the menu. Once you arrive, head to the main area. The attendant will then ask you how long you would like entry into the cave. The time allowed inside is fixed and cannot be modified or changed once entered.

Once you enter, time will start counting down, the object of the mini-game is to try to climb down as many floors you can within the strict time limit. If the time limit hits 0:00, you will be evacuated out of the area and sent back into the lobby area where you can pay more coins to try again.

Contained within certain floors can be one of various things: Random Save Points (Time will be kept if you load data), Regenerating chests that contain magic shards, or if you're lucky, a piece of Cursed Armor. Cursed armor can be purified into extremely rare pieces of armor by talking to the Purifier on Zaya Island.

There are also many enemies of different levels that reside within Zaya Caverns, and time does continue to tick while in battle, so choose your battles wisely!

If one makes it all the way to the 25th floor with time remaining, a special surprise awaits!

Zaya Caverns is coming in the next version.
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