Friday, October 8, 2010

New Game Project: Shadow Kid (Working Title) [Archived]

Well, since Dojo Adventure is finally done, I'm now wanting to develop the next video game project. Because I don't want to go too into detail and it's really only on pen and paper concepts, I have a tentative title and system that the game is going to be on.

Project Name: "Shadow Kid" (Tentative)
Systems: Windows/Xbox 360
Genre: Adventure/Platformer

Unlike Dojo Adventure (an RPG) this is going to be a platformer. For examples of games in a platformer genre, see below. An engine to develop the game has not been announced yet, but it will either use XNA (Microsoft Visual Studio), or Indie Game Maker ...or even both. :D

Bare Bones Plot Synopsis: (Needs Expansion)

A (currently unnamed) teenager leads a normal life in the big city, until one day the city is mysteriously invaded by shadow creatures. After the shadow creatures interrupt him while on a date with a sweetheart and capture her to an alternate dimension, he jumps through to try and save her.

In this alternate dimension, he must go through several levels in this dark/shadow world in order to rescue his girlfriend and return home. Overtime, the shadows slowly consume the lighthearted boy to gain shadow powers obtained within the alternate dimension.


Light Shards - Scattered throughout levels. Decrease over time? If light source reaches 0, you will be consumed by the darkness and lose a life. Also needed to use abilities. (See below)

Some Abilities Shadow Kid may have: (Needs Expansion)

Shadow Trap : Utilizes a shadow beam to trap a monster in place so it can be defeated easily or avoided.

Shadow Hide: Ability to use shadow to hide and pass through walls or obstacles, only lasts for five seconds at a time and does not work without a light source.

Inspirations for the game:

These are other games in the same genre to show you what kind of games I want Shadow Kid to be like in design.

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