Saturday, October 23, 2010

Special Someone. [Archived]

The good news: I'm falling for someone! The bad news: It's the classic case of "not knowing if she likes me back". This girl is intelligent, cute, funny, beautiful, very attractive (or at least my definition of it), and makes me smile a whole lot and I get along with her quite well! Alas, if I knew for a fact (or she strongly hinted) that she liked me, I would no doubt ask her out. However, I'm not exactly knowledgeable when it comes to women. Heck, she may have been throwing hints out the whole time and missed them! I really don't know. lol One thing is for certain though. I won't ask her out unless I know for sure. I wouldn't want to ruin a friendship because she thinks of me as a friend who only wants something more, especially when it's not true. If she likes me back, then a relationship would be pretty awesome. If she doesn't, I'd rather not have her see me differently now that she knows (if that makes any sense). I don't mind respecting a friendship for what it is, if it doesn't go into anything more, then who am I to try and push things along? In all honesty, it makes me happy as long as she is happy whether I am involved or not. I am not the type to be sad over a rejection. Not out of a lack of pride, but if I'm not the one who makes someone else happy, what kind of person would I be to be upset/mad/sad over it? On that note, I wish I took more of an initiative and was less laid back about the situation. That's probably the main thing holding me back. But I really can't change who I am, and it would be unfair for me (and her) to try and force such changes. Just my two cents.
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