Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Upcoming game design, FFS Entertainment, and university goals/aspirations. [Archived]

Game Design:

Shadow Kid

Shadow Kid is currently being worked on (and retooled). With some criticism coming in on the early concepts, I'm going to scrap some storyline ideas and add some new ones in in order to have the story more diverse and original. Shadoe did a lot of work on the story and coming up with background concepts for the characters themselves while I try and work on some of the gameplay mechanics for the presentation of the early concept of the game in early-November.

My classmate Jonathan will help me build the project itself and help me design the levels, and Myles, Shadoe and Megan will be largely composing the music for the game.

I'm currently writing up documentation of the game and it should hopefully be posted by tomorrow. We'll see what happens there.

If you would like to join the Shadow Kid Development Team, send me a message on Facebook here with a basic application with your strengths and what you can bring to the development team. After you do that, send a request to join the Shadow Kid Development Team.

Dojo Adventure

The game is finished (finally) and I updated the game to version 1.1 (it can be downloaded here). I have been getting some feedback (mostly positive) from friends and other developers on the game, but as of right now no one has downloaded version 1.1 yet. It has some fixes and modifications and what not so I encourage everyone to download the newest version and continue any feedback. I largely appreciate support for the project and I'll continue to patch issues and what not where needed.

FFS Entertainment

I'm currently writing a Kingdom Hearts themed skit for FFS Entertainment meeting this upcoming Saturday. While I cannot reveal any specifics, it's going to be funny and much improved in filming over Secret Agent Yachiru and Talking with Jon.

You can see some of our existing skits of FFS Entertainment on our YouTube page.


Last, but definitely not least, I've somewhat finalized my schedule for the upcoming quarter. It's going to be less stressful as this quarter (18 units instead of 19) but not by much. The BS Computer Science program is no joke, seriously. I am behind on my Calculus and Physics requrements (out of my own ignorance for not knowing the teachers and limited course offerings) and now I'm paying for it. I'm trying to make up for it though by having almost finished with my general education requirements and going double on the upper division Computer Science classes I need to get the degree. But the stress is slowly killing me. (I'm looking at you, Digital Logic!) I'm glad I know Computer Hardware isn't for me and I only have to take three courses on it.

Winter 2011 Courses:
General Physics I (5 units)
Introduction to Geology (5 units)
Software Engineering (4 units)
Machine Organization (4 units)

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