Monday, November 8, 2010

30 Random Things [Archived]

Because I was tagged (twice) and by the rules of the internet, I need to oblige. So here it is, 30 random things. If you're reading this, consider yourself tagged, I don't like to tag people in notes.
1. -I've been playing video games since 1995. I started with "Zombies Ate My Neighbors" for the Super Nintendo, and Lufia and the Fortress of Doom (first RPG: SNES) shortly after.
2. -My first Final Fantasy was Final Fantasy VII which I started playing in 2000. (Then I played VI and thought it was so much better, which it was.)
3. -The first video game I ever pre-ordered was Pokemon Yellow Version for my birthday in October 1999.
4. -My first MMORPG was Final Fantasy XI which I played "religiously" from 2003 to 2008 (that game is really special to me). After that, the game got boring (since I beat everything), I don't play it anymore nowadays unless there's an update.
5. -I remember getting a Nintendo 64 for Christmas in 1996 and going ape, literally. I was THAT happy. I then proceeded to get my Goldeneye taken away by my mom sometime later because of its violence. I got it back a month later and proceeded to beat the game. For your information: Janus Control Center has the best music probably out of all the 64 games.
6. -My video game system of choice is the Nintendo DS. I buy GBA ports of old SNES games I wanted to play and go through each of them at school or on the road. Makes my gaming career that much sweeter.
7. -I really enjoy writing and ranting as a spare hobby. That's why I have a blog and have been blogging for four years now. :D
8. -I was considering a minor in Business, but opted out of it when I saw how rigorous the Computer Science BS curriculum is.
9. -Did I mention I lost faith in humanity? Because I did.
10. -I'm not a supporter of organized religion. ...Or any religion in general! I am a mix of Atheist, Apatheist, and Agnostic. I consider myself the former, get confused for the latter and have a decent balance with the middle. 
11. -I have no intentions of getting married. Ever. You'd have to be someone extremely special to change my mind. (My mind isn't exactly easy to change. See below post.)
12. -I do not eat cheese and haven't eaten cheese for 18 years.
13. -Despite having 302 friends on Facebook, I am very reclusive and do not talk to people often.
14. -I am easily entertained by YouTube movies. That is my primary source of humor.
15. -I refuse to wear jeans or anything denim.
16. -The game that got me into wanting to become a video game designer was RPG Maker for the PlayStation. I saw it completely by chance at an EB Games in Ontario Mills several years ago.
17. -I don't like swimming in public venues. Never will.
18. -I love the fact that my school is driving distance from my house. I do not like being away from home for prolonged periods of time like some of my other friends who moved far distances away for school.
19. -I am in love with classic rock music.
20. It's a very rare occasion if I talk about my actual real life problems on the internet. I prefer handling them by myself.
21. I'm usually in a really happy mood!
22. I'm laid back, and rarely ever get jealous of anyone. I'm always happy for people who are happy, rather than jealous of them. Too much unnecessary anger thrown at people.
23. I don't like the fact that my classes fill up before I can even register. What's up with that?
24. Chipotle Mexican Grill FTW. (If you haven't tried it, you really should.)
25. Soft serve Vanilla ice cream will always make my day, no matter how sad I am.
26. I love writing skits for BETA, that has to be the highlight of my month when we actually get to have these fun meetings where everyone laughs and has a good time.
27. I've grown very frustrated of Sonic the Hedgehog.
28. I was a Christian up until 4th grade, undecided until 7th, and an Atheist since the 8th grade.
29. I can count the amount of crushes I had on different girls with one hand!
30. I don't drink alcoholic beverages. :D
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