Monday, November 29, 2010

BETA Updates

This last weekend, we had our monthly video group meeting. Because of some personal issues I had to resolve that had me cut the meeting short on Saturday, I had to split the meeting over the course of two days (Friday and Saturday) to get the necessary amount of filming work done.

BETA Movie Updates

As of right now, there is only one main video on our YouTube channel, Kingdom Broken Hearts. We are hoping on having three new movies and a handful of older movies posted within the next month:

New: Control Freak (Kingdom Hearts Themed)
New: If Jon Ruled the World
New: [Untitled Ginja Love Story]

Season 0: Chocolate Pizza
Season 0: Pizza Time

Season 0: Secret Agent Yachiru

Season 0: Talking With Jon

The first two new movies have been filmed and are being edited. The third one has been scripted and is in the planning phase.


Our shorts, skits, and sketches will be posted on the YouTube account in a Season format. Season 1 movies are ones that take place if the filming occurred in October 2010 or later. Season 0 movies are for movies that were filmed between June and September of 2010 in our former group. The uploads will be organized as such into these playlists in order to not throw off any viewers on why our quality of filming is good in one movie, but poor in another.


Each meeting we have, we try and have a better quality performance than the one we had before. It's only natural that we improve as a group over time. In our old sketches, we failed to overlook smaller details such as shadowing, or sound effects, or misplaced voice clips. The more we do, the more we re-film and try and minimize these small but glaring details from our movies, and hopefully you (as the viewer) can notice that too if you watch some of our older and upcoming skits.


I love working with the group, and we always try and make our newest sketch much more entertaining than the last. Please support our group on by liking us on Facebook or subscribing to us on YouTube! We appreciate all of the views and the comments! (Well, the positive ones, at least.)

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