Sunday, November 21, 2010

Late-November Updates: Dojo Adventure, Shadow Kid, BETA.

I wanted to get some blog post in to keep the schedule going of one post of every two days. I've had a lack of motivation to do much in the gaming world lately. Call it a slump if you will, but other than some progress with Chrono Cross and Dissidia, I haven't played much of anything.

As for game design:

Dojo Adventure:

I'm working on some additions to the game in the form of side quests, optional boss fights, and new weapons and other neat additions to the game. I want to do this for the sake of better scores when the game gets reviewed after being sent to some forums. It already has some good scores on the RPG Maker Web forum on Facebook and from some friends, but I really want to expand to the Independent RPG developers on PhanxGames and Amaranthia to get some additional feedback.

For the time being though: New weapons, areas, and sidequests are coming. Expect them in December. It was originally going to be the 4th, but it's going to most likely be pushed back to December 18th.

Shadow Kid:

While Unity 3D is easy to pick up, it's a lot harder than I thought it would be to learn. Not to mention I am teaching myself. I need to be disciplined enough to work through all of the tutorials to understand and comprehend how it works. I learn more by example than by an online lecture, so it's not exactly easy. We will see what happens though, I'll keep the blog posted with my future discoveries with Unity.


A new skit is coming sometime in the future, I don't know the exact expected release, but nonetheless, it's going to be called Control Freak. We also have two more skits that are going to be filmed a week from now. One that I have written, and another that a team of three in the group has written. The one I have will be more comedy based, the other is a serious love story of sorts. It's interesting to see that we will start branching out into new genres and I'm excited to see where this group goes! We are all having a lot of fun, and a fun environment always leads to expanded creativity among members.

That's the official update for late November!

Oh and by the way, if you haven't seen our first movie:

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