Monday, November 1, 2010

November Goals and Updates. [Archived]

Happy November, hope you all had a good Halloween! As with every month, I have goals and plans to lay out for this upcoming month! -Get Dojo Adventure published on several independent developer websites. -Get Kingdom Broken Hearts posted on YouTube. -Get a good amount of work done with Shadow Kid -Write more Digital Logic tutorials. (Yucky.) -Get the sequel to Broken Hearts script finished. -Finish Final Fantasy I and Dissidia. -Get new props for upcoming meetings. -Import all of FFSEntertainment skits we are allowed to bring over to the BETA group. I'm also writing the script to a new storyline-driven role playing game. It's going to be more of a love story than the upbeat game that Dojo Adventure is. It's only in a pre-writing/brainstorming phase, so I'm not looking for people for that development project just yet. I'm also hoping to catch up on sleep. I've become quite the insomniac lately. :( Oh, I'm also working on a new review of "Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals" and "Final Fantasy XIV". The former one should be done soon, the latter one is coming later this month. I'll try posting more often like I used to. And most importantly, get out and vote tomorrow!
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