Friday, November 19, 2010

Shadow Kid Updates: Engine Decision and Artwork.

We have picked out a game engine that we are going to use for the upcoming platformer project, "Shadow Kid". It's going to be the Unity 3D engine. It's free for PC games, but if you want to get a license for the consoles or use a Pro version of the engine, it costs a lot of money. x_x

Shadoe is doing the character artwork for the game project, which will be the basis for the character models or sprites. We're not sure if we're going to have 2D sprites on a 2.5D plane, or 3D sprites on a 2D plane. That much is undecided.

Anyway, to see the potential of Unity, take a look at a Sonic game that was redone by a fan using the Unity Engine.

Here is an RPG that was done using the same engine:


Credit to Shadoe for doing all of the artwork for the character creation(s) thus far. Note that these are subject to change.

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