Sunday, December 5, 2010

20 Different Things I wish I could say to 20 Different People

A quite different (more serious) approach to a blog entry that I thought about posting from earlier today. I chose twenty people who are in my life right now (doesn't really matter the influence, or how long I've known them), and I've come up with twenty statements that I wish I could say to these twenty people that I have selected. Of course, their names aren't going to be listed here, but I guess (in my mind), it was supposed to be more reflective and meaningful, if anything.

I may release the name of the person that the said message is attributed to, but only if messaged in private, and it depends on who's asking me, of course.

Person #1: Thank you for being such a good friend. You're the only person who's stuck it with me since elementary school and I'm very honored (actually, "honored" doesn't do the word justice) to have you as one of my dearest friends.

Person #2: I'm not quite sure why you've been rude to me for the longest time, but in any case, losing to you consistently in various video games (heck, almost any video game) keeps me inspired to keep practicing my gaming skills. (Even though, I most likely will never beat you in anything!)

Person #3: If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be a fraction of the person I am now (or even exist?). I think my leadership role was probably inherited from you!

Person #4: Toontown!? TOONTOWN!? On a serious note, Geometry in Whitmer's class has to be the highlight of our high school time as friends. Also, I will never forget the time you danced to "Ring My Bell" in College Orientation. Actually, it's burned in my head, thank you for that disturbing visual! It was hilarious to watch though! Oh and by the way, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't know not to trust the Red Cross. ...Or Pikachu for that matter.

Person #5: Thanks for being so incredibly awesome. Seriously. You come with me to game design meetings, you are a hilarious actor in our skits, and I don't think there's really anyone out there who , even remotely, hates your guts. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be half as interested in being a part of FFSEntertainment for the time I was a member, or be as motivated to write these skits for BETACinema! Thank you!

Person #6: I really miss our adventures in Vana'diel together. Ever since you left, I really haven't been motivated to play as much. I think a huge part of me not playing in Vana'diel anymore (Aside from version updates) was attributed to the lack of an adventuring buddy to explore with.

Person #7: If you were still alive, I would ask you: "What the hell were you thinking?"

Person #8: I don't really know you in person, probably never will. However, you helped me create an exceptional group for Final Fantasy XIV, and I'm largely indebted to you for your contributions and assistance to make the group a success.

Person #9: You know, if you just took a minute and stopped seeing people at random and just open your eyes and find someone who likes you for who you are rather than what you have, you would be a much happier person in the process.

Person #10: Thank you for effectively ruining my middle school experience. Thank you for framing me and getting me suspended for a fist fight. Thank you for stealing $50 from me in 7th grade. Thank you for making those years the worst three years of my life. Thank you for being the one that made me reclusive and solitary for six years.

Person #11: You sent me a message a while back telling me that any girl should be lucky to have me in the future if I ever changed my mind about marriage. Thanks for those very kind words, it was a great boost to my self-esteem!

Person #12: I'm glad you started playing the PlayStation 2, Final Fantasy X, and Kingdom Hearts. It really makes me happy that I've helped someone become a gamer. You wouldn't even know.

Person #13: Your right-wing policies and our political discussions greatly amuse me. We should play a game of Age of Empires III sometime!

Person #14: You can be egotistical at times (Always?) but it's part of your nature. Why/How the hell did we never meet in high school?

Person #15: I'm going to miss you in my classes in the future. I feel bad that you're changing majors, but you're following your new-found goals in life and I salute you for that! PS: Invite me to your class for career day in the future! Please?

Person #16: We teamed up to take over the world together! What happened? Why did you back out like that? I call it cowardice! Cowardice!

Person #17: I don't quite understand why you're such a ladies man. It would be more respectful to treat women as equal people and not call them such demeaning names. I find it to be brash and insulting, but that's my opinion.

Person #18: I'm not quite sure what your gripe is with the family, but it's a shame I never got to know you and you only call once every 25 years or so. Your loss, really.

Person #19: As a game designer that has Asperger's Syndrome, I really look up to you as one of my idols. You single-handedly created a multi-million dollar video game franchise that's known by many people worldwide and still are rarely known throughout the average gaming community. I would like to say that I highly appreciate and admire you, and what you've done. You're a very brilliant person.

Person #20: I met you not too long ago, but I think you're really cute [and beautiful. I really do not use that word often.] I would ask you out if I had more courage to do so, but I think I will play the wait-and-see approach to find out whether you like me back or not to risk any misunderstandings/awkwardness.
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