Thursday, December 23, 2010

The future of BETA.

Yesterday, Shadoe was able to get two of our older sketches from FFS Entertainment and upload them to our new YouTube profile. Chocolate Pizza and its sequel, Pizza Time.

There were some hiccups in the video, but as we improve, we get a little better each skit that we do. Given that these two videos were very early in our group, we didn't understand the importance of multiple shoots.

However, I don't think we're getting the right audience by advertising on Facebook since the skits and their related ideas aren't mainstream enough for it. A lot of people seem to miss the inside jokes and/or fail to find them funny. That or they just plain don't care, which seems to be a big problem with Facebook in my opinion when trying to make yourself known.


So I'm wanting to try Kickstarter in order to advertise our group and try and advertise more to an audience that would appreciate our material. From there, I want to advertise to get our videos more views on YouTube. With that, Ad-Sharing can be enabled in order to start receiving much-needed revenue to make more skits. I'm hoping that we as a group can make this some kind of fun part-time gig, actually. With that being said, I'm doing research on how exactly Kickstarter works and I want to have a really good example of a movie to show that we're worth supporting. Although I'm considering our skit "Control Freak", I think we would have a better shot with "If Jon Ruled the World". However, from what I understand, we need to do some re-shoots in order to produce a version we can be satisfied with.

Maybe it's a long shot, but I want to hope that we attain at least 10,000 total video views on our account by this time next year, and I want that to be a goal that is definitely achievable! If this blog can get 10,000 views in a year and two months, I'm sure our YouTube account can.

Here's hoping to being optimistic. We're planning on having a meeting later today on the direction of "If Jon Ruled the World", and I'm hoping this is our best skit yet, even if the release has to be postponed into January to get it to where we want it.
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