Monday, December 27, 2010

Personal Highlights of 2010.


-Started Winter Quarter.


-Completed Calculus II with a C+, World History with a B-, and Critical Thinking in Mathematical Concepts with a B+. Data Structures ended up with a C- so had to retake. (See: June)

-Start on JANG Programming Language.


-Received a B in Programming Languages, A- in Data Structures, C in Business Communication, and B+ in Philosophy of Religion.

-Begin taking Sociology and Literature, getting a B+ and B- respectively.

-First FFSEntertainment Meeting is held with JD, Jabari, Grover, Jon, and Neil being at the inaugural meeting.


-Attended first anime convention! AX2010 with Neil, Shadoe, and Jon. I drove back and forth from Highland to Los Angeles for four days straight! 'Twas fun.

-Viva Eorzea Linkshell is formed on Facebook to get the best and greatest for Final Fantasy XIV's launch. I am leader of the linkshell, and Ricocant Tribal was picked by me to become co-leader of the linkshell.


-Started taking Biology for the second half of summer quarter.

-Change degree plans to go for both a BS in Computer Science and a BA in Video Game Development.


-Finished summer courses with just under a 3.0 GPA. (B- Average) Earned a B- in Biology.

-Made it into third year of college.

-Final Fantasy XIV is released and Viva Eorzea Linkshell is formed in-game on the Figaro Server. XIV starts to shatter people's expectations, and in not a good way. It goes on to receive mediocre and terrible reviews for a rushed and incomplete launch.


-Formed BETACinema because of unfortunate circumstances arising from the former FFSEntertainment.

-First BETACinema meeting is held with Grover, Jon, Alyssa, Shadoe, Ryan, Fuego, Johan, Jessica, and Chris being the inaugural members.

-Completed Dojo Adventure.

-Development for Shadow Kid begins.

-Players leave Final Fantasy XIV en masse, I take a break from the game, and populations take a severe dip. Viva Eorzea almost collapses and Square-Enix starts getting the hint that there's a problem with the game.

-Went up an age number.


-Kingdom Broken Hearts is released as the first skit for BETACinema.

-Due to a deletion of my layout and HTML, I moved from my old blog to new blog.

-Stopped using MySpace.

-I start my "Relationship Thesis".

-Viva Eorzea Linkshell begins a re-birth and Ricocant and I start doing mass recruitment to revive the linkshell. Updates to the game make the UI much more playable.


-Received an A in Video Game Design, an A in Fitness for Life, a B- in Calculus III, a B+ in Digital Logic, and a C+ in File Systems.

-Showed an alpha version of "Shadow Kid".

-A multitude of BETACinema skits were released from both Season 0 and Season 1.
* Control Freak
* Pizza Time
* Chocolate Pizza
*If Jon Ruled the World Trailer #1
*If Jon Ruled the World Trailer #2

-An update to Dojo Adventure was released that contains a mass amount of changes to the game to make things easier.

-Final Fantasy XIV starts to change and make a turn around for the better. UI continues to be updated, rank requirements are lowered.

-Viva Eorzea Linkshell reaches and exceeds 100 members. Some older members who have quit start to come back to the game. Population starts a turn-around.

-After seven years and two months, I retire from Final Fantasy XI.

-Finished Calculus Sequence

-Learned to text message people!

-Obtained 3.1 GPA

Traditional Look Back:

I should have been more active with activities and what not the first four months. In comparison to when I joined FFSEntertainment and formed BETACinema, I didn't really do much outside of school.

On a good note, I was able to meet a lot of cool, interesting people, and was able to break out of my reclusive behavior, even if it's still not all that often! Next year I'm going to continue the trend to not be as reclusive, shy, and awkward. We'll see how it goes.
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