Thursday, December 9, 2010

Shadow Kid Prototype Download / Indie Game Maker.

My teammate Jonathan and I demonstrated Shadow Kid today. While the prototype wasn't all that great, everyone seemed to really like the concept of me using Indie Game Maker. Both of the professors involved with game development at the school and the lead designer of Vector Force were impressed with my idea as well as the maker so I decided to post a link to that. (Above.)


It's 60 dollars to use the license.

License enables use of all of Enterbrain's materials.

Program is fairly complicated to use, but easy enough for beginners in programming to understand if they just want to use the graphical aspects of the program to create a basic game.

The powerpoint I presented today to the class can be downloaded here.

The final (in documentation form) as well as the game prototype I used for my 440 final can all be downloaded here. (Controls: X to jump/confirm, arrow keys to move.)

It was a great quarter (in terms of this class, at least), and I'm looking forward to taking Game Programming in the Spring!
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