Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Untapped Potential.

"What!? Another Final Fantasy XIV post?"

Yeah, another Final Fantasy XIV post.

Anyhow, I've been running around The Black Shroud and Coerthas this week in an attempt to knock out the rest of the camps I need.

(Marlboro's are as scary as they look in the opening CG)

In doing so, I keep finding all kinds of secret locations that are either unused and/or haven't been implemented yet which makes me kind of sad. Kind of sad that they left all this kind of interesting stuff in order to rush out a launch.

(Fire Dragons. >_< ) In any case, I've ran into all kinds of secret caves, closed off caves. Unused buildings (for Hamlet Defense battles in the future?)
Some of the sights in the game are simply stunning though, and they gave a lot of detail to some of the areas people don't visit all too often.

I've also gotten a new WS for Gladiator that I've kind of fallen in love with. Luminous Spire!

As for the Linkshell, we're living and thriving. (Over 110 total members with about 30-50 active total on a daily basis.) I've met a lot of 'friends of friends' that I didn't know play the game. (Lots of 'small world' moments, if you will) and despite the large group, we're starting to get our core niche of members.

One thing I really need to find out is the cap on linkshell members, before I recruit too many for my own good. I want to make sure to have at least 20-30 spots open for Ps3 players when the game starts service for them. I have lots of FFXI and real life friends coming for that release.

I'm very optimistic about the future of Final Fantasy XIV.

PS: I also recommend this movie. He shows off a cave which might be an outlet for an expansion area in the future! I've died seven times trying to get the camp he's going to below and still haven't gotten it. He is one very lucky adventurer.

Obligatory death pic.

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