Monday, December 13, 2010

Upcoming changes/additions to Dojo Adventure (December 2010 Version)

The October Version of Dojo Adventure can be downloaded here.

I received some suggestions that the October Version of the game was much too difficult in the end-game areas. Regular monsters can wipe the party, random battles are too frequent, and it is difficult to progress through the final dungeon.

For this reason, I'm planning to release a new December 2010 version of the game later this week with some changes and additions:

Changes to existing content:

-The encounter rate in the Naise Tundra, the Naise Caverns, and the final dungeon will be halved.

-The HP and strength of enemies in these areas will also be reduced.

-The final boss will have an altered move-set that does overall less damage to the player and mercenaries. However, it will now possess the ability to use Instant-Death single target spells near death.

-The Magic Localization System value of Naise Tundra and Naise Caverns will be changed from <1> to <2>.

-The "save journal" in the bottom floor of the final dungeon will only cost 50 magic shards to use instead of 200.

-The amount of fake chests in Zaya Caverns - B15 will be reduced.

-The mercenary class "Magician" will have an expanded spell list.

-The color of the wanted species "Jasmine Jonny" will be changed from the color light blue to jasmine.

Addition of new content:

-Several new areas will be added in each continent that emphasize having monsters of mid-level to ease the gap between EXP for low level content and end-game story content.

-New special monsters will be added that give EXP bonuses and special weapons.

-There will be a new super-weapon added into the game that all classes will be able to use. It will require completion of a quest that involves some lengthy exploring through the world (including the new areas mentioned above.)
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