Sunday, December 19, 2010

Winter Break Projects

I've been very busy during the time I have "off". Actually, it doesn't feel that I've had much of a break yet. I've been so busy with being involved with these projects (shown below), all of which I have had some kind of administrative input in.


Completed Projects so far:

Control Freak (BETA Skit)
Dojo Adventure December Version

In Progress:

Viva Eorzea Linkshell Development
Revenue for BETA
Shadow Kid Development Project
If Jon Ruled the World (BETA Skit)
Chocolate Pizza Re-Release (BETA Skit)


Control Freak:

This is our newest BETA skit that was in development hell for about two months due to a change in editors. At first, we had someone editing, but then real life hit, and he was unable to do it. So we changed it to someone else, but then he was assigned to another editing project, and that would have been overkill. So Shadoe and I were able to finish editing it together yesterday. I think the movie turned out to be very well edited! (There are some minor flaws in there, but if you're reading this, well I'll let you figure it out.)


Dojo Adventure December 2010 Version:

I worked on some updates and overhauls to the game to make it much more playable. Unfortunately, no one has played or downloaded it yet, but to be fair, I haven't had time to really advertise it yet. I really should. I probably will, later this week.

Changes for the new version can be seen here.

The game itself can be downloaded here.


Viva Eorzea Linkshell Development:

We're growing to be one of the largest linkshells on Figaro server in Final Fantasy XIV. No joke. Ricocant Tribal and I have been going on a recruitment rampage in order originally to save the linkshell, but not only have we made our mark on Figaro, we're now currently at 82 people and going for a goal to break 100 in the very near future.

I owe a lot of the "rebirth" of the linkshell to two very important factors. One is Ricocant Tribal, he got the majority of new people while I've been getting people through /tells from people who have seen us on Facebook or various internet sites. The other is the comeback of the game itself, it's really been improved to the point where I am actually enjoying my time on the game and with the other people. Now they need to introduce some more content, and I'll be content with the game enough to start paying a monthly fee. (Obviously, some others would disagree, but that's their prerogative.)

You can see our linkshell on Facebook!

You can see our entire linkshell roster on Final Fantasy XIV's official site: The Lodestone. (Updated in real time.)


Revenue for BETA:

Starting next week, I'm going to be trying some other websites in order to start getting revenue for the BETACinema group. I think if we got a little advertising on YouTube, we would be able to boost our views for our movies and skits to enable Revenue Sharing from Google.

I'm going to be applying for Kickstarter and some other websites in order to get initial funding to support the advertisements and hopefully we can get the money to work for our group instead of our group working for the money. It would be self-sufficient enough to cover the costumes and gas and production at first and in time would become a pretty good part-time gig for all the members involved if they choose to help out and stick with it.

You can check out our BETA movies and skits here. Please subscribe!



Shadow Kid Development Project:

I'm currently learning the Unity 3D engine to do a re-make and do Shadow Kid the way I actually envisioned the game to be, rather than using the prototype I presented for my Final. I have to learn the engine thoroughly this break to get a handle on what I want to do, so I'll have more information about that in a future blog post.

You can see the final I presented on Shadow Kid for the class here.


If Jon Ruled the World:

I'm not quite sure the progress that's being made on this BETA skit, I'm not really involved with the editing, but I did write the majority of it, while BETA members had some input with some funny running gags that take place within the movie. From what I understand though, we may need to re-meet as a group in the future and re-shoot some scenes. I posted a trailer/teaser a week ago, it will be finished sometime soon. (I hope.)


Chocolate Pizza Re-Release:

I'm working on a re-release to one of our older (more funny) impromptu skits involving Jabari with a Pizza, that will (should be?) posted on Tuesday on the BETACinema YouTube.
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