Thursday, January 20, 2011

Codename Responses from Facebook.

There has been a lot of negativity that has been directed towards me lately. So instead of spewing negativity back, I wanted to take the higher route instead. So I asked some of my Facebook friends to message me a Codename, and I would respond to that codename on this blog post with how we met, what I thought of you, and what I like about you. Thanks to all who participated. (I'm sorry for the people I don't know as well.)


Codename: stargirl

How did we meet: Church sometime in 1996. (I think?)

What did I think about you: We didn't talk too much until the fourth grade when I led the Sandcastle Club at Arroyo Verde. And surprisingly, I didn't even remember that until you brought it up. I totally forgot about that club. Fun times!

What I like about you: You aren't afraid of what other people think of you. Even though we stand at almost polar opposites of the political spectrum and don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, I'm really glad we're friends. Not a lot of people can say that about their friends. They only talk to people that are exactly like them in philosophy, and sometimes it's really important to understand others point of view.


Codename: Dr. Captain Morgan

How did we meet: Math 211 in my Sophomore year of College.

What did I think about you: We didn't really talk much until after Math 211 ended when you ran into me after getting out of your Visual Basic lab.

What I like about you: You aren't afraid of a challenge. Though, I don't know how you can manage Data Structures with the most difficult professor in the university, Physics, and maintain four part-time jobs. That's dedication.


Codename: Roanwake

How did we meet: Friend of friends I met (err, have Final Fantasy discussions with) on the internets!

What did I think about you: You were friends of friends, so naturally I had to add you (due to some strange rules of Facebook, or maybe it's just me. Yeah it's just me.) I wish you guys would post more Dissidia videos, I miss those.

What I like about you: You like Final Fantasy, is there really anything more to be said? Okay yeah there is. I haven't looked into it, but I'm hoping the next Dissidia game actually has online capabilities so I can have matches with you all.

(Sorry I couldn't elaborate. I don't know you all that well so please forgive me!)


Codename: Boyman

How did we meet: Second semester of junior year of high school in Spanish 2.1.

What did I think about you: We never really talked much until I brought out my Nintendo DS when we were bored during class period and no one took the teacher seriously.

What I like about you: You're a very chill person. You can get along with almost anyone, and that's really an awesome trait to have. Oh, and 12th grade Mueller's class when we tried to do a spoof on Hamlet and we both just bursted out laughing much to the confusion of the class. Oh, and the first bottomless fries competition when we were both having some life issues. That was fun. Second bottomless fries competition is soon!


Codename: BowtiesAreCool

How did we meet: Viva Eorzea Linkshell invitation on Facebook (also fiance of an old FFXI friend of mine)

What did I think about you: Not much, I didn't know you or get to know you that well until you volunteered with making the website with Ricocant.

What I like about you: Well, you're part of the leadership of the linkshell, and I admire that you're willing to speak up if you don't agree with something or are left out. I take your responses seriously because a lot of times they give honest feedback and a different perception on the problem that the LS is having. It's kind of lame when the leaders agree with each other 100% of the time, because then there's no point of having multiple leaders.


Codename: smooth

How did we meet: 9th grade. I think it was at lunch when Geno was introducing me to you and Matt.

What did I think about you: It took me forever to remember you and Matt's name. I'm terrible with names. Always have been. It wasn't until 11th grade when you guys were forced out of the library when we all started hanging out at the bottom of the library and started playing video games and what not.

What I like about you: "TOONTOWN!?" No, I mentioned this last time. Not doing it justice. You pretty much pulled me "out of the river styx" as you jokingly call it when I was in severe depression over my last breakup, thanks for that. You're the clear reason why they have the saying "bros before..." never mind.


Codename: Alphadeltaniner

How did we meet: It's funny, we never really met.

What did I think about you: We agreed with each other on some stuff on a discussion we were having between mutual facebook friends.

What I like about you: You're flippin' persistent. Most people I help out with issues that you have had either give up or just get frustrated and stop. You're not one to give up though, and that trait is very admirable. In games and in real life.

(Sorry I couldn't post more. I just don't know you all that well.)


Codename: Fuzzy Bunny Slippers

How did we meet: WereStillWithYellow social linkshell on Titan server. (FFXI)

What did I think about you: I remember you being a very awesome Red Mage in the game for the stuff we did group up together for. (Which wasn't much.) I usually kept to myself while a member in WSWY.

What I like about you: You (along with your fiance), and Rico are the main reason why we are a very successful LS on XIV. We are able to work together to keep the LS going. (Even though the faction idea didn't really help much at the beginning.) I'm hoping that in the future, we can get the idea for your crafting linkshell/company up and running as a subsidiary of Viva Eorzea!
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