Friday, January 14, 2011

Final Fantasy XIV : R30 Storyline Quest - "Toll of the Warden" Observations/Discoveries. [SPOILERS!]

Two days ago, I went on an adventure to do more of the Final Fantasy XIV R30 storyline. I was accompanied by two of my linkshell mates: Oren Ishii, and Fuzen Hikaru. I don't think neither of them is this far in the storyline, so we were unsure whether they could even help me or not.

The storyline chapter involved saving the sylphs in Thanalan (desert region) from these ogres and Ixalis (Lizard-like creatures, see below).

As you can see in the cutscene above, apparently they can. Which is something that XIV has going for it. Other party members can help you with your boss battle, even if they don't meet the storyline requirements. However, they will not get the cutscenes or credit for winning, they just appear inside the boss battlefield.

Below is my awesome NPC companion, Shandomina. When you get to Rank 20 in the storyline, you have the option to create and name the NPC companion who talks for you in the story. Can you take a guess on who inspired my NPC creation? :)

Anyhow, the boss fight was against these Mamool Ja-like creatures called Ixali. They weren't too difficult and we were able to trio them with relative ease. I did have to toss some Cure II's around, however. The NPC-companion also helps you out with Cures and buffs if needed. (Though it is kind of random.)

After the boss fight ended, I was treated to a cutscene that hinted that the next chapter in the storyline I get to fight none other than Ifrit himself! I can't wait!

One also interesting thing to note is that we were greeted by these people: Ascians. (See below)

Apparently they'll be one of the antagonists in the XIV storyline, they look pretty damn cool, if you ask me.

I want to thank Oren Ishii and Fuzen Hikaru for taking time out of their schedule to help me out with this. I really appreciate it, you two. :)
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