Sunday, January 30, 2011

Goals for February!

I posted the answer to the riddle I posted on Friday.

January was a very 'meh' month in general in terms of getting goals done. I'm hoping February can be a little better, so here's what may be in store as per goals I want to accomplish before March!

Video Game Development Projects:

-Continue working on the Codename: EPIC project. (More details will be posted publicly in February.) If you're interested in joining the project, message me with your talents and credentials and I'll invite you to the development team.


-Get a shiny Suicune from GameStop

-Complete Chrono Cross

-Complete Final Fantasy XIII

-Start up a company in Final Fantasy XIV and get all of the aetherial gates that are legimiately possible.

-Complete Dissidia:Final Fantasy

BETA Cinema:'

-Film a 'special' February 14th movie. (At least I'm hoping to get it filmed.)

-Finish up "If Jon Ruled the World" to get it posted on YouTube.

-Start production on some new skits.


-Less procrastination on Physics work.

-Aiming for 70% or higher on most (if not all) assignments. (Don't be alarmed, it's a B on the grading scale.)

-Get a good handle on the JavaScript language for the AlgorithmA project.

-Start using Unity3D tutorials to start practice for developing Shadow Kid sometime in the future.


I hope you all had a great first month of the year, and hopefully you all will have a great February! Eat lots of candy and spend time with your significant other(s)!

(Give me the leftover Valentine's Day candy!)

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