Monday, January 10, 2011

January-February BETA Projects

Hello, blog! Goodbye, Winter Break!

We here at BETACinema have been very productive this past weekend!

We had our monthly collaborative meeting, appropriately titled the "Jolly January Jamboree" which we filmed at Crafton Hills College this past weekend. We filmed a new skit called "The More You Know" as a parody of the public service announcements NBC used to put up in the 90's.

You can see it here: (And it can also be watched on the banner at the top in future/other blog posts.)

Personally, I find this skit to be my favorite thus far, and I think everyone did a great job with ideas and contributions to the skit! It was fairly simple to edit, too!

We also have a short we filmed at last month's meeting, appropriately titled the "Drizzly December Damnation" where we interviewed an Austrailian Jon at a Baker's Drive-Thru.

You can see that here:

Future Skits:

Talking With Jon / Jasmine Jonny (Season 0) --- Approx Release Date: January 2011

If Jon Ruled the World --- Approx. Release Date: February 2011

Special February 14th Movie --- Approx. Release Date: Before Valentine's Day

Secret Agent Yachiru (Season 0) --- Approx. Release Date: Spring 2011

CSI: Traverse Town --- Approx. Release Date: Spring 2011

Final Fantasy XIII Music Video --- TBA

If Jon Ruled the World Trailers:


And since we have a good skit up, it's time to sign up on Kickstarter! Revenue!
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