Saturday, January 22, 2011

Naoki Yoshida "Yoshi-P" Part II

(See also: Part 1)

Naoki Yoshida (or "Yoshi-P" as he wants to be called) is awesome enough for me to make another post about him, the second time this month.

Last week, he had an interview with the popular Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, about the current state of FFXIV and changes that are to come. (English Translation of Famitsu Article)

Yesterday, he started a "Letter from the Producer" series that was, truthfully, the most comprehensive post I've ever seen on a Final Fantasy Online title.

Seriously, this is an unprecedented move from a company who, after having spent the last eight years of playing their online games, didn't seem to give a damn on what their players think, and now with this new guy thrown at the helm, he seems to be very vocal about the changes he wants to bring to their players. It took them terrible, pis-pour reviews for them to get the point, but now it's happening, and we players are very grateful.

I went from cautiously optimistic to extremely optimistic about the future of this game, and according to the letter, we're going to start seeing quests and updates in February. I'm very excited about going adventuring and finally putting my character to some use! >:)

But seriously, 6-8 years from now, I'm hoping this game will serve me the same great memories and adventures with all of the new people I've met in-game since September. I already feel that Eorzea has been my home for this last couple of months, but this bland world needs much more adventure and content, and this guy seems dead-set on doing whatever it takes to keep the players happy and encourage people to continue on. I like this guy's style and it's very refreshing to actually lead my linkshell knowing things are coming on the horizon. (And I'm not talking about the aetherial camp.)

Keep it up, Yoshi-P! You're on my list of very inspirational game designers.
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