Monday, January 24, 2011

Codename: EPIC


If you would like to join the development team, please join the Facebook group (this link here) and message me with your talents or credentials!

^ Screenshot of a game developed on VX engine.

( See also: New RPG Project )

Note: This blog post omits some details for the sake of people not stealing the idea. Please keep this in mind when reading this blog post. Hence the use of codenames and omitting random details. You can call me paranoid, but I call it making it more difficult to plagiarize.

Earlier this month, I made an announcement that I was developing a new role-playing game project on the engine, RPG Maker VX. I have talked to some of my artistically talented friends about the project, and tried to gauge their interest on maybe working with me on the development of the game. I promised I would shed some light on some of the "unconventional characters" that will be involved within the storyline. As of now, only three characters' personalities have been developed while I've been fleshing out details on world and map design, which will come in a blog post later this week.

The names are going to be "codenames" until actual names are developed for the characters.


Codename: Mage (Age: -- ) - Mage is the main male protagonist of the game. He is an overconfident ex-magic school dropout who throws away the conventional rigorous educational lifestyle to be an adventurous vagrant. The game starts when Mage and his best friend Knight go to a nearby cave in order to find some treasure in a get-rich scheme.

Starting Abilities: Fire, Heal

Codename: Knight (Age: -- ) - Knight is the main female protagonist of the game and Mage's best friend and confidante. Knight is an experienced and talented swordsman. Unlike Mage, who dropped out of overestimating his mediocre abilities, Knight is a gifted student who graduated from swordsmanship-training two years early. Provides a main-character foil and a serious contrast to Mage, who is overenthusiastic and a "nothing-can-go-wrong" attitude.

Starting Abilities: Blueblade Slash

Codename: Oldman (Age: Really Old) - Provides comic relief for the game and the plot. Oldman is an interesting fellow who provides tips, vehicles, and equipment and treasure (as well as being a party member at times) throughout the story. He can seem to be able to do or get anything for the party, but cannot provide a reason of how or why he got it. (He blames it on his senile dementia, but something else may be the reason.)

Starting Abilities: TBD

Basic Introductory Story/Plot (In Development: Needs Expansion)

The game starts with a lengthy/humorous cutscene in which Mage and Knight are running through a cave in search for some treasure. The game introduces the characters and Knight explains to Mage that he's being an idiot for dropping out of school to go on this quick get- rich scheme. After the introductory dungeon and story sequence, they return home to find their town taken over in a coup d'etat from a rival country across the sea. Angered by the take over of their home, Mage and Knight take off on the adventure to re-claim it.

The game will operate like an old-school RPG with clear homages to several games developed in the 2D SNES era.

Looking for Positions:

[X] Denotes that the position has been filled.

-Ruby programmers
-RGSS Scripters
-Logo Designer [X]
-Voice actors for the characters.
-Game Musical Composer/Director
-Character Artists [X]
-Sprite/Battle Artists
-Map Designers
-Dungeon Designers
-Storyline Writers [X]
-Monster Artists
-Protagonist Artists [X]
-Antagonist Artists [X]
-Title Screen/Game Over Screen Designers [X]



If you're interested in joining the team, please leave a comment here or message me via Facebook. It will be a for-profit RPG project (unlike Dojo Adventure, which wasn't). So there will be a plan for commission from profits, which will be discussed at a later date.
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