Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Square-Enix PDD1 Conference / FFXI Confirmed and Rumored Changes

There's really not much to blog about today.

Square-Enix PDD1 Conference:


Square-Enix is doing their PDD1 conference today. PDD1 is the team that does Final Fantasy XIII, Fabula Nova Crystallis, Kingdom Hearts, and Dissidia. I'm interested to see what they have in store for the series, though I don't particularly like the team in general, they're far too experimental with the FF formula. (See: FFX, FFXIII)

The PDD3 conference (FFXI, FFXIV) is what I'm looking forward to. I'm interested to see how they plan on shaping XIV further so people can actually enjoy the game.

Final Fantasy XI Confirmed/Rumored Changes:

Although I don't play Final Fantasy XI anymore (See: FFXI Retirement), I still like to see what changes they're doing to Vana'diel to observe and comment on how they're changing my online home of eight years.

On their new official Twitter, this was mentioned via a message:

To all the followers, thank you for following us!

We would also like to thank many of you for sending various feedbacks and cheerful messages!

With questions and feedbacks we have received, we will go through them and try our best to answer them in the topics on the official site.

Since the official Twitter has been launched, we are considering about holding an official event using Twitter.
Some could be answered right away but in most cases, we will take a look and discuss them with the Dev. team.

With congestion of Port Jeuno caused due to the positioning of Abyssea NPC, we are starting to discuss the countermeasure.

Also the UI on Atma selection menu and how to receive Traverser Stone are being discussed as well.

With auction house, we are considering to merge them to make it more convenient so please look forward to it!

Also, this is a loose translation with XI's new director that was loosely translated on BlueGartr:

Abyssea is end, but SE adding something in Abyssea for EXP after cap raises to LV95(June),I guess new spells from chest or something like that. again, SE adding/fixing Abbysea FOR EXP. next update will be March,LV cap stay at 90. Itou(FFXI Directer)said about this year. Itou:we are fixing old contents,and we may adding hard version. about next update, we are adding mobs/reward in ZNM, because ppl not doin'g em. also,adding crest BC. I loled..who loves ZNM?... all Sauce is: http://kamome.2ch.net/test/read.cgi/ogame/1294903665/ it's japanese, developer interview, NO.254,259,271,278,285,

I'm glad they're done with Abyssea. That was the thing that led me to leave the game in the first place. It became a repetitive grind in the same 9 zones that were just another iterations of the same zones I've traveled through for eight long years.
I still don't plan on coming back until they introduce new storyline content, though. I don't play Final Fantasy for gear or e-peen, I play for a compelling storyline.

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