Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dojo Adventure March 2011 Version + Codename: EPIC Timeline Update

Dojo Adventure:

The current version of Dojo Adventure can be downloaded on the top bar with all of the links.

I'm currently outlining some changes that will be coming in next month's version of Dojo Adventure. I've received some suggestions about improving some aspects of the game, so I'm going to announce some adjustments to several classes:

-Some of the Blackbelt, Hunter, Swordsman, and Tamer abilities are going to be adjusted and split into tiers.

For example, the Blackbelt ability "Crit Hit" will be split into three new abilities: "Crit Hit 1", "Crit Hit 2", and "Crit Hit 3". Each one will have increased damage and accuracy over the previous tier. This effect will be done for various abilities over various classes.

-Paramedic is also going to get the ability "Heal 4" which restores all HP to a party member. This will be learned at level 80.

-Final abilities will be adjusted so that it will require a minimum of 999 AP to cast, and will take all of the player's AP, even if it exceeds 999 due to Max AP+ attributes. For example, if the character possesses 1036 AP and uses the respective class final ability, it will take all of 1036 AP, instead of having 37 AP remaining.

-The ending of the game will be modified. The storyline will remain the same, but there will be some added scenes in order for a longer, more consistent flow and not give the impression of a rushed ending.

Codename: EPIC:

We have made a decent amount of progress with the Codename: EPIC project yesterday, and we pretty much have a rough time-line for when parts of the game is to be released.

Unveiling of Game Title (Early-Summer 2011)
Tech Demo Trailer of the Game (Mid-Summer 2011)
Playable Tech Demo of the Game (End of Summer 2011)
Chapter 1 Download (December 2011)
Chapter 2-12 Download (2012)


Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday-Induced Rant! The Good, the Bad, the Interesting.

^ Happy Friday!

Better start with the good, and then the bad:


-Today, we're hoping to get the rest of the filming for "If Jon Ruled The World" done. The video may be released by this month, but it seems unlikely. Possibly March.

-After that is all over, I'm going to head over to GameStop and download my Celebi to my Pokemon SoulSilver and Pearl versions. (That's right, I get two!) I can get the event in HeartGold/SoulSilver that allows this:

Make sure to get your Celebi to your DS before March 7th!

-We also a composer interested in the Codename: EPIC team! So we almost have a full development team now. I just need to train two other people how to use the software so we'll be able to develop different parts of the game at the same time.

-I'm also working on a new update to Dojo Adventure which should be coming in March.

-Some of the Blackbelt's abilities are going to be adjusted and split into tiers. So Blackbelt will be getting new higher-form abilities out of what exists and the existing abilities will be adjusted and made weaker as well as have their accuracy adjusted.

-Paramedic is also going to get the ability "Heal 4" which restores all HP to a party member.


-I had a Physics midterm today, and although I think I did okay on 3 of the 5 problems, I don't think it's enough to garner enough points to have a decent score. I need to work on the labs and homework to get a decent grade for the class and move on to Physics II next quarter.

-I still need to get my laptop repaired, the USB ports are still dislocated, and I've yet to get them fixed.


"Where did all the nice guys go?"

-A friend sent me this article a couple of days ago, but I really have to say that he was right on par, and this article is very, very, true!

(It also doesn't just apply to guys, I imagine this works with both genders. But from personal experience, it couldn't be more true.)

Though it is kind of sad when you think about it. We always overlook what's in front of us and try to go for what we can't have. Yay for plans backfiring, right?


Gotta admit, guy has a point.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Update on progress for degree(s) - Updated for upcoming Spring 2011 Quarter.

An update on classes I'm taking for Spring 2011 quarter from March-June.

PHYS222 (Physics II)
Math 262 (Statistics)
Math 372 (Combinatorics)

I didn't want to take such an underwhelming schedule, but I needed a lighter courseload for three reasons: I was advised that PHYS222 was much tougher than PHYS221, and my alternatives for courses weren't to my liking. (I don't feel like I'm ready to take Operating Systems just yet.), and most importantly I was making myself ill going four days a week 12 hours a day. Here are the flowcharts for the two degrees I am going for:

-Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (The standard degree. Accredited. Major emphasis.)

-Bachelor of Arts in Computer Systems -Video Game Development (Second Degree. The one I really want, but is a dream job/career. I want to be qualified to do other software development as well.)


A red X denotes that the class has been taken and completed.
A red circle denotes that the class is currently being taken (as of Winter Quarter 2011)
A blue circle denotes that the class is scheduled to be taken
No mark means the class has yet to be taken.

I crossed out CSE500. That's a class that is not on my year's course work to be completed. Well, it is, but it's only a requirement for 2009-2010 and on. I'm kind of happy now that I graduated in 2008, now I think about it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Codename EPIC February Updates: Open Positions, Concepts, The Works

^ Sample game created on the engine.

Looking for Positions:

[X] Denotes that the position has been filled. Positions listed at the top are of most important, positions near the bottom are of least importance, but may be moved up in a later blog post as development moves through the stages.


-Voice actors for the characters.
-Game Designers knowledgeable with RPG Maker 2000, 2003, XP or VX software/engine or are willing to sit through an in-person tutorial to learn from me.


-Monster Artists
-Ruby programmers (Mostly concerned with user interface tweaking, and battle system re-design)
-RGSS Scripters (Mostly concerned with user interface tweaking, and battle system re-design)

Going to need in the near future:

-Map Designers
-Dungeon Designers

Filled Positions:

-Musical Composer [X]
-Sprite/Battle Artists [X]
-Logo Designer [X]
-Character Artists [X]
-Storyline Writers [X]
-Protagonist Artists [X]
-Antagonist Artists [X]
-Title Screen/Game Over Screen Designers [X]


For more information on the project, please see the list of posts I've done in the past pertaining to this project in this link or in the future click "Codename EPIC" in the top of this blog to automatically filter out all posts except those that pertain to the project.

This project is going to be commission-based, so everyone will get a percentage share of profits exceed development costs, (which right now is hovering at around 80-90 dollars including Enterbrain engine license fees, purchasing Fraps for filming together trailers to pitch the game idea for Kickstarter to possibly get funding for the project). Chapter 1 will be developed and released at the end of this year for free. Chapters 2-12 will require purchase of the full game which is to be released in Summer of 2012. Price of the full game will be determined and voted on by the team and is to be announced.

PC (Windows XP, Vista, 7)

The most important position I'm looking for at the moment is a composer for the game project. I would do the tunes myself, but I'm only good at making small themes (See: Dojo Adventure victory theme) and I'm certainly not a Junichi Masuda (though I would greatly aspire to be, that man is talented).

I'm looking for composers that really know video game music or know where I'm going with the idea, not so much any composer, but for a RPG, the right theme has to go with the emotion. It doesn't have to be anything particularly complicated, but sometimes simple, catchy melodies work better than long complicated ones in a game.

Also, I plan on using only original music for this project. I don't plan on using copyrighted themes, or freeware themes. I want only original material for this game from the ground up, no matter how long development will take to complete this.

I'm hoping to put it on Amaranthia, that's my dream to have one of my projects on the front page of their website! Amanda Fitch, who is the game designer behind the main game on said website (Aveyond) is notable for being one of the few developers that makes a good amount of money (as well as publicity) for leading development teams for her Aveyond games, and I'm hoping to do something similar to that as a side hobby/job to get extra money on the side.

If you're interested in joining the project, contact me via my social networking links on the navigation bar at the top of my blog. I'm looking for anyone who may be interested in working on the project, though you may be forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement if I do not know you personally (for legal reasons).

Anyway, while we're on the topic of video game composers, here are some video game RPG music pieces that I really find inspiring:


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Naoki Yoshida "Yoshi-P" Part III

Now the changes are coming in...

Blog Notes/Relevant Links:

See also: Letter from the Producer, III

See also: Final Fantasy XIV Battle System Poll
See also: Unofficial FFXIV Battle System Poll (if you don't play and still want to see it)

See also: Naoki Yoshida Part I
See also: Naoki Yoshida Part II

^ Naoki Yoshida (FFXIV's Producer/Director) at a 4Gamer Interview.

So on Thursday, Naoki Yoshida released a new letter informing us of the changes that are coming to FFXIV. Some of it, most of us were expecting, but some of us were kind of blindsided by other changes that are coming to the game.

Here are my opinions on the coming changes:

Really Like:

–NEW– Storylines and world quests
–NEW– Quest-related system changes
–NEW– Development and release of supplemental storylines and world quests
–NEW– Introduction of additional quests
–NEW– Rank/Level up fanfare

–NEW– Instanced PvE Content (Dungeons/Raids)
–NEW– Examination of dungeon content for full parties (8) of high-rank members

Ongoing examination together with battle system adjustments (8-member content)

Examination of dungeon content for small parties (4) of mid- to high-rank members

Ongoing examination together with battle system adjustments (4-member content)


–NEW– Addition of confirmation windows for accepting/refusing quests

–NEW– Re-examination of class-based requirements for gear –NEW– Addition of class-specific gear to enhance class uniqueness and goal-oriented play –NEW– Re-examination of recommended class system for gear
–NEW– Re-examination of stats –NEW– Addition of an auto-MP regeneration feature –NEW– Ongoing reeaxmination of attributes and stats

Seems Un-necessary:

–NEW– Addition of icons to make quest NPCs easily recognizable

Character jump feature

Don't Want:

–NEW– Auto-attack system –NEW– Examination of an auto-attack feature –NEW– Examination of risks of and scale of changes for an auto-attack system

Possible introduction of traditional names such as paladin, monk, white mage, etc.


I (as well as many others) are excited about the majority of things that is coming to the game, but I can't help but feel that they're trying to appeal to the mass exodus of players that left and are most likely not coming back.

I'm mostly happy with the game at this state, and I am hoping they introduce new content, but some stuff they really are intent on transforming the game as a whole.

For example, one aspect I don't like is that they're considering scrapping physical levels. It's not mentioned in the Letter from the Producer, but it's in the Battle System Poll. I'm hoping they don't, since I'm almost level 40 (as opposed to being rank 34 Gladiator and rank 35 Sentinel), and it's much easier to level up new classes with a high physical level. Basically, scrapping physical levels would make it seem too much like FFXI which, while a good game, I spent eight years on. I'm done with it and want to move on to a new system, and I was hoping for that, but it really is going to come down to what the players want.

All in all, I'm still in it for the long haul, and now I'm trying to get Physical level 50 before the time ends just so I can laugh as all my work goes to waste. Or am I just that foolish?

Regardless of my feelings on the issue, what matters most is that there's finally a good timeline and direction of the game, it's interesting watching the development and transformation of this whole thing (even more so that I'm not paying for it), I'm looking forward to the results of the poll and what Yoshi-P has to say about it in a week or so.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mid-February Updates

I didn't really have a lot of time to do a blog post two days ago, I was knee deep in projects, life-related issues, and other things.

So, some updates:

Zombie Walk:

I didn't really get a chance to blog about this, since I really didn't have time - but there was a pretty big Zombie Walk in Redlands last Saturday. Ryan and I ended up being the only zombie hunters. (You'd think in a Zombie Apocolypse, there'd be know...people with guns?)

Life/Personal Projects:

-I'm in the process of making sections on the blog site directed towards my main three game design projects: Dojo Adventure, Codename: EPIC, and Shadow Kid. Links to blog entries only related to those three projects and their development have been posted at the top of the blog, so please check that out!

-I'm heading to an International Game Developers' Association (IGDA) meeting later today in Los Angeles after my Physics class. I'm going to learn more about the Game Developers' Conference (GDC) that happens later this month, and I'm hoping to attend my first GDC this time next year, maybe I can get a friend to go with me. We'll see.

-Never got a chance to get the Valentine's Day candy on sale. :(

-I didn't even get a Valentine.

-Last, but not least, I recently re-activated my FormSpring account! So feel free to ask me anonymous questions.

Codename: EPIC:

I'm hoping to have a tech demo available as a YouTube video by the beginning of the summer, a playable demo of the game by the end of summer, and chapter 1 completed by the end of the year. I'm also hard at work developing the plot and zones and areas, and more explanation of this will come later this month or in March.

Dojo Adventure:

There will be a new version of DJA coming in March. Paramedic is going to get some bugs cleared out, and there will be a new special password given at the end of the game. More information about this will be announced later this month.

Final Fantasy XIV:

I recently got Archer to level 22, and learned Quickstride. (Which is essentially XIV's version of Flee at the moment). I'm going to be leading an expedition through Coerthas for the linkshell on two different occasions.

Coerthas Expedition (Friday Late Night Version)

Coerthas Expedition (Saturday Morning Version)

I'm hoping to get Gladiator into the 40's in order to take down the big beasts of Eorzea sometime in March, we'll see. I'm leveling awfully slowly.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

No blog today?

I really don't have anything to write today. I've had my mind on too many things lately, can't really put them into organized thoughts at the moment.

There will be a better post on Thursday.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day/Single Awareness Day Rant

^ Of course, this is a joke. Sort of.


The Single Version:

I have a multitude of acquaintances and friends that are lacking a Valentine or equivalent for this year and are kind of in the dumps about it. Here are some guidelines I use with concerning the day a lot of people dread about. I hope it will help to those that may find the day a little depressing or disheartening and need cheering up.

-Not having a valentine for Valentine's Day is not the end of the world. (Although some people will swear up and down like it is. Ignore them.) It's a day to show appreciation to a loved one, sure. But if you don't have a valentine, have a special day for yourself. Treat yourself out to a dinner or a movie or something.

^ It should be noted that a friend pointed out that if someone is that unhappy to begin with, going to a movie or a dinner to see even more couples wouldn't help the situation. I should have been more clear. Do something you enjoy to get your mind off things. "Or something" means to do it at your own discretion. If you're going to be jealous of other couples, then the problem does not lie

-Wallowing in self-pity is a bad thing to do. It just evokes negative feelings and a possible blow to the self-esteem. This is supposed to be a day for feeling in a good mood, there's no reason to feel down and out.

-Value your independence and freedom while you can. There are both incentives and bad qualities to being single and in a relationship. We just have a bad habit of exaggerating the incentives and playing off the bad qualities while under one situation, and we long for what we don't have. Some more than others. Unfortunately, it's human nature.

-The most important one. Don't go for just anyone for your Valentine just because you don't have one. First, it is an act of desperation, and no one likes a desperate person. Second, it is better to wait a long time for a meaningful relationship with someone special than to grab someone you may not like but feel you have to be with. And lastly, if you're trying to find a valentine for the sake of finding a valentine, you may end up with some hurt feelings or lose some friends or people will lose your respect by the end of the day.


Relationship Version:

Even if you do have a valentine, you shouldn't use this day as the only possible day to show affection to someone. A special day, sure. But only being romantic on this day implies that there are deeper issues within the relationship itself. Consider it to be a special day for the two of you, but always show affection on a regular basis. If you're reading this and giving me a "wtf" look as in you already do these things, then this post wasn't directed at you, you're doing it correctly.


2011: Valentine's Day Song

I normally post a special song each year for Valentine's Day. Here is the song for this year.


Oh, and Ryan insisted he make me let you all know that he's single and looking for a girl.


Friday, February 11, 2011

My Opinion on the "Tell Her She's Beautiful" Movement - 2011 Iteration

You can participate in the event by attending here.

I was tempted to do a blog post about the 2010 version of this event last year, but opted out of it and went for a standard post instead.

It is no question that we as a society largely emphasize on what the media considers to be beautiful. So much so that it's extremely distorted and unrealistic, and there are all of these methods to try and change one's physical appearance in order to meet those unrealistic standards. Not only can it be a damper to one's self-esteem, but it shows how simplistic and superficial of a society we are.

Recently, a friend re-blogged on his Tumblr blog about Katy Perry on a recent cover of Rolling Stone magazine where they edited her picture for the cover.

Just compare the two pictures, and you'll notice they changed some very unimportant details in order to try and create someone who looks "perfect". But are we really so superficial that we consider a person whose beauty is not even real and is artificially/digitally edited, to be over that who has beauty on the inside and out as is?

This is why I look forward to events and movements on Facebook like these. Like I mentioned earlier, they did something like this last year around this time (for Valentine's Day, perhaps?)

Take the time out of the day (according to the event, it's Saturday) to really tell a girlfriend/girl you like/female companion/etc how beautiful she really is. I don't know if I can speak for everyone, personally I don't like someone who is fake or tries to change their appearance to such a degree that they try to hide the natural beauty that's there just to try to appeal to someone or make themselves feel "beautiful".

I would take the time to do the event myself, but unfortunately I lack someone special to actively participate in this event, so I wanted to make sure I put in my two cents and pass it on to those who can actually participate. This is my chance to "pass-it-on", if you will.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Random Rant Ramble

Hope you all have been having a great week!

Though, mine hasn't been all that great. I don't really post personal information regarding issues like that, but I seriously think I'm taking on way more than I can handle. Undertaking an 18 unit load, leading three full-fledged teams: a video group, a video game development team, and a linkshell of 120 people.

So I apologize if I've come off as insulting or lacking of patience lately, stress is a kicker. I've been relaxing and maintaining stress by trying to set daily day-to-day goals rather than monthly goals (that all end up getting done at the last minute), and it's been getting a little better, but not precisely how I would like it to be just yet.

I am considering putting some things on hold while I sort out my personal life and the issues surrounding it, but I'm not quite sure how to go about that. For the time being, I've halted all access to games on Mondays, and Tuesdays (if work is still to be completed). I may expand the halt of access to Wednesdays as well.

Though, writing these posts is another stress reliever.

I've also had this song stuck in my head for some reason, it's a nice relaxing tune that's relaxing to the ear.

Also, two of my friends started Final Fantasy XIV this week, even though their computers aren't exactly strong enough to handle it at default, I give them both the benefit for at least giving the game a chance. I'm hoping they stick around. I love having friends to adventure with. It makes the Eorzean life much more exciting!

This is one of my friends that have started, unfortunately I don't have a pic of my other friend yet. >_<

Until Friday, blog! I'm hoping the week will get better, actually I'm confident that the week will get better!

I'm maintaining my optimism!


(I also need to cut down on the procrastination.)


Monday, February 7, 2011

Codename: EPIC - Art Concepts, Characters, Development Team

Updates on the second video game project I am working on. Here are some of the stuff we've worked out so far in the team!

Development Team:

"Codename: Epic" Copyright © 2011 Whim Independent Studios, All Rights Reserved.

Director/Producer/Lead Game Design/ Plot and Concept:

Grover Wimberly IV

Character Designer/Art Director:

Stefanie Brignac

Character/Plot Dialogue:

Airen Blakovich

Supporting Artists:


Geno Quesada

Game Concepts and Contributions:

Aron Friend

Jonathan Dishaw

Jabari Smith

Neil Stucky

Voice Talent:

Vikki as "Knight"

Jabari Smith - TBD

Johan Flynn - TBD

Jonathan Dishaw - TBD

Characters Confirmed: (Subject to change)


To have the same races as Dojo Adventure.


The most populous race within the world. All humans have the ability to use magic. However, most civilized societies in this particular region make all of their children go into a particular field of training at the age of 13. Disciple of Swordsmanship, Disciple of Martial Arts, or the Disciple of Magic (three different regions: Healing, Elemental, or Integrated). Knight is accepted to the Disciple of Swordsmanship and is able to graduate early with high marks. Mage is tested into the highly selective integrated school of magic, but drops out shortly before the game starts due to his laziness and overconfidence.


Goblins are the second most populous race in the world. Due to their limited intelligence when compared to humans, they are usually relocated to second-class citizens and given menial jobs that the humans don't want. This is even more pronounced in the evil Western Empire, when they are the front line men and makers of dangerous artillery.

Goblins have enough intelligence to understand human speak, but does not have the ability to relate syntax well (speaking in first person or the wrong tone of voice, or not using verbs correctly at times).

Goblins (unlike in most RPGs) look almost identical to humans. Only exception that they are about half the size, slightly hunched back, and are kind of wrinkled.

Goblins do not have the ability to use magic.


Abilities are going to be largely recycled from Dojo Adventure, see links below.

Characters and Starting Abilities:


Codename: Mage (Race: Human) - Mage is the main male protagonist of the game. He is an overconfident ex-magic school dropout who throws away the conventional rigorous educational lifestyle to be an adventurous vagrant. The game starts when Mage and his best friend Knight go to a nearby cave in order to find some treasure in a get-rich scheme.

Starting Level: 1

Obtained: At the start of the game.

Starting Abilities: Fire, Heal

Mage will primarily get abilities from the Elementalist and Paramedic classes in Dojo Adventure. Due to the storyline circumstances, for the first part of the game, there will be an artificial "cap" on his level, due to his lack of expertise. I haven't decided on what that level will be, but I'm thinking it's going to be 30.

See: Elementalist and Paramedic.


Codename: Knight (Race: Human) - Knight is the main female protagonist of the game and Mage's best friend and confidante. Knight is an experienced and talented swordsman. Unlike Mage, who dropped out of overestimating his mediocre abilities, Knight is a gifted student who graduated from swordsmanship-training two years early. Provides a main-character foil and a serious contrast to Mage, who is overenthusiastic and a "nothing-can-go-wrong" attitude.

Starting Level: 2

Obtained: At start of the game.

Starting Abilities: Blueblade Slash

While Knight is Mage's best friend and confidante, there will be storyline events where she gets overconfident and strays from the group or goes ahead from time to time. For that reason, she has a faster EXP growth rate than Mage. While Mage will primarily be accompanied by varying party members throughout the story, Knight will sometimes be by herself, so to compensate, she gains EXP at a much faster rate.

Knight will primarily get abilities from the Swordsman classes in Dojo Adventure. Unlike Mage, she will not have any artificial level caps that are increased throughout the game due to storyline reasons and her tendency to solo stuff.

See: Swordsman.


Codename: Infiltrator (Race: Human) -

Infiltrator is a spy noticeable by her darker complexion, but has dark green eyes that show signs of a killer. When first met, she is one of the spies sent by the Western Empire to survey the area before it was taken over.

Infiltrator will get most of Assassin's abilities from Dojo Adventure, but instead of costing AP, they will require payment to use. Assassin in this game does not have or gain AP, and only has HP.

See: Assassin.

Saturday, February 5, 2011


In the interim weeks before the patch with quests, I'm intent on getting linkshell members (as well as myself) mobile enough to get anywhere around Eorzea quickly, just in-case a quest calls for it. So last week, this week, and for the next three weeks, I am holding "expeditions" in which we go around the world on a journey to get as many aetherial nodes as possible.

Last week, we explored La Noscea:

My personal favorite part of the journey was going through the "Isles of Umbra". The area surrounding it was well designed, and doesn't suffer from a lot of the "copy pasta" people like to complain about. It's a very cavernous/cliffy area. Hard to explain it, but the aetherial node itself is on the peak of the island. You can get a good view of La Noscea and Limsa Lominsa to the east. Great place to take screenshots.

This week, and next week, we are exploring through Thanalan.

And that's all the pictures I have of our expeditions for now.

PS: I absolutely love some of the scenery of Thanalan. The grassy area was an area we ended up in while getting lost in the mountainous area and found it completely by accident.