Monday, February 7, 2011

Codename: EPIC - Art Concepts, Characters, Development Team

Updates on the second video game project I am working on. Here are some of the stuff we've worked out so far in the team!

Development Team:

"Codename: Epic" Copyright © 2011 Whim Independent Studios, All Rights Reserved.

Director/Producer/Lead Game Design/ Plot and Concept:

Grover Wimberly IV

Character Designer/Art Director:

Stefanie Brignac

Character/Plot Dialogue:

Airen Blakovich

Supporting Artists:


Geno Quesada

Game Concepts and Contributions:

Aron Friend

Jonathan Dishaw

Jabari Smith

Neil Stucky

Voice Talent:

Vikki as "Knight"

Jabari Smith - TBD

Johan Flynn - TBD

Jonathan Dishaw - TBD

Characters Confirmed: (Subject to change)


To have the same races as Dojo Adventure.


The most populous race within the world. All humans have the ability to use magic. However, most civilized societies in this particular region make all of their children go into a particular field of training at the age of 13. Disciple of Swordsmanship, Disciple of Martial Arts, or the Disciple of Magic (three different regions: Healing, Elemental, or Integrated). Knight is accepted to the Disciple of Swordsmanship and is able to graduate early with high marks. Mage is tested into the highly selective integrated school of magic, but drops out shortly before the game starts due to his laziness and overconfidence.


Goblins are the second most populous race in the world. Due to their limited intelligence when compared to humans, they are usually relocated to second-class citizens and given menial jobs that the humans don't want. This is even more pronounced in the evil Western Empire, when they are the front line men and makers of dangerous artillery.

Goblins have enough intelligence to understand human speak, but does not have the ability to relate syntax well (speaking in first person or the wrong tone of voice, or not using verbs correctly at times).

Goblins (unlike in most RPGs) look almost identical to humans. Only exception that they are about half the size, slightly hunched back, and are kind of wrinkled.

Goblins do not have the ability to use magic.


Abilities are going to be largely recycled from Dojo Adventure, see links below.

Characters and Starting Abilities:


Codename: Mage (Race: Human) - Mage is the main male protagonist of the game. He is an overconfident ex-magic school dropout who throws away the conventional rigorous educational lifestyle to be an adventurous vagrant. The game starts when Mage and his best friend Knight go to a nearby cave in order to find some treasure in a get-rich scheme.

Starting Level: 1

Obtained: At the start of the game.

Starting Abilities: Fire, Heal

Mage will primarily get abilities from the Elementalist and Paramedic classes in Dojo Adventure. Due to the storyline circumstances, for the first part of the game, there will be an artificial "cap" on his level, due to his lack of expertise. I haven't decided on what that level will be, but I'm thinking it's going to be 30.

See: Elementalist and Paramedic.


Codename: Knight (Race: Human) - Knight is the main female protagonist of the game and Mage's best friend and confidante. Knight is an experienced and talented swordsman. Unlike Mage, who dropped out of overestimating his mediocre abilities, Knight is a gifted student who graduated from swordsmanship-training two years early. Provides a main-character foil and a serious contrast to Mage, who is overenthusiastic and a "nothing-can-go-wrong" attitude.

Starting Level: 2

Obtained: At start of the game.

Starting Abilities: Blueblade Slash

While Knight is Mage's best friend and confidante, there will be storyline events where she gets overconfident and strays from the group or goes ahead from time to time. For that reason, she has a faster EXP growth rate than Mage. While Mage will primarily be accompanied by varying party members throughout the story, Knight will sometimes be by herself, so to compensate, she gains EXP at a much faster rate.

Knight will primarily get abilities from the Swordsman classes in Dojo Adventure. Unlike Mage, she will not have any artificial level caps that are increased throughout the game due to storyline reasons and her tendency to solo stuff.

See: Swordsman.


Codename: Infiltrator (Race: Human) -

Infiltrator is a spy noticeable by her darker complexion, but has dark green eyes that show signs of a killer. When first met, she is one of the spies sent by the Western Empire to survey the area before it was taken over.

Infiltrator will get most of Assassin's abilities from Dojo Adventure, but instead of costing AP, they will require payment to use. Assassin in this game does not have or gain AP, and only has HP.

See: Assassin.

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