Monday, February 21, 2011

Codename EPIC February Updates: Open Positions, Concepts, The Works

^ Sample game created on the engine.

Looking for Positions:

[X] Denotes that the position has been filled. Positions listed at the top are of most important, positions near the bottom are of least importance, but may be moved up in a later blog post as development moves through the stages.


-Voice actors for the characters.
-Game Designers knowledgeable with RPG Maker 2000, 2003, XP or VX software/engine or are willing to sit through an in-person tutorial to learn from me.


-Monster Artists
-Ruby programmers (Mostly concerned with user interface tweaking, and battle system re-design)
-RGSS Scripters (Mostly concerned with user interface tweaking, and battle system re-design)

Going to need in the near future:

-Map Designers
-Dungeon Designers

Filled Positions:

-Musical Composer [X]
-Sprite/Battle Artists [X]
-Logo Designer [X]
-Character Artists [X]
-Storyline Writers [X]
-Protagonist Artists [X]
-Antagonist Artists [X]
-Title Screen/Game Over Screen Designers [X]


For more information on the project, please see the list of posts I've done in the past pertaining to this project in this link or in the future click "Codename EPIC" in the top of this blog to automatically filter out all posts except those that pertain to the project.

This project is going to be commission-based, so everyone will get a percentage share of profits exceed development costs, (which right now is hovering at around 80-90 dollars including Enterbrain engine license fees, purchasing Fraps for filming together trailers to pitch the game idea for Kickstarter to possibly get funding for the project). Chapter 1 will be developed and released at the end of this year for free. Chapters 2-12 will require purchase of the full game which is to be released in Summer of 2012. Price of the full game will be determined and voted on by the team and is to be announced.

PC (Windows XP, Vista, 7)

The most important position I'm looking for at the moment is a composer for the game project. I would do the tunes myself, but I'm only good at making small themes (See: Dojo Adventure victory theme) and I'm certainly not a Junichi Masuda (though I would greatly aspire to be, that man is talented).

I'm looking for composers that really know video game music or know where I'm going with the idea, not so much any composer, but for a RPG, the right theme has to go with the emotion. It doesn't have to be anything particularly complicated, but sometimes simple, catchy melodies work better than long complicated ones in a game.

Also, I plan on using only original music for this project. I don't plan on using copyrighted themes, or freeware themes. I want only original material for this game from the ground up, no matter how long development will take to complete this.

I'm hoping to put it on Amaranthia, that's my dream to have one of my projects on the front page of their website! Amanda Fitch, who is the game designer behind the main game on said website (Aveyond) is notable for being one of the few developers that makes a good amount of money (as well as publicity) for leading development teams for her Aveyond games, and I'm hoping to do something similar to that as a side hobby/job to get extra money on the side.

If you're interested in joining the project, contact me via my social networking links on the navigation bar at the top of my blog. I'm looking for anyone who may be interested in working on the project, though you may be forced to sign a non-disclosure agreement if I do not know you personally (for legal reasons).

Anyway, while we're on the topic of video game composers, here are some video game RPG music pieces that I really find inspiring:

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