Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dojo Adventure March 2011 Version + Codename: EPIC Timeline Update

Dojo Adventure:

The current version of Dojo Adventure can be downloaded on the top bar with all of the links.

I'm currently outlining some changes that will be coming in next month's version of Dojo Adventure. I've received some suggestions about improving some aspects of the game, so I'm going to announce some adjustments to several classes:

-Some of the Blackbelt, Hunter, Swordsman, and Tamer abilities are going to be adjusted and split into tiers.

For example, the Blackbelt ability "Crit Hit" will be split into three new abilities: "Crit Hit 1", "Crit Hit 2", and "Crit Hit 3". Each one will have increased damage and accuracy over the previous tier. This effect will be done for various abilities over various classes.

-Paramedic is also going to get the ability "Heal 4" which restores all HP to a party member. This will be learned at level 80.

-Final abilities will be adjusted so that it will require a minimum of 999 AP to cast, and will take all of the player's AP, even if it exceeds 999 due to Max AP+ attributes. For example, if the character possesses 1036 AP and uses the respective class final ability, it will take all of 1036 AP, instead of having 37 AP remaining.

-The ending of the game will be modified. The storyline will remain the same, but there will be some added scenes in order for a longer, more consistent flow and not give the impression of a rushed ending.

Codename: EPIC:

We have made a decent amount of progress with the Codename: EPIC project yesterday, and we pretty much have a rough time-line for when parts of the game is to be released.

Unveiling of Game Title (Early-Summer 2011)
Tech Demo Trailer of the Game (Mid-Summer 2011)
Playable Tech Demo of the Game (End of Summer 2011)
Chapter 1 Download (December 2011)
Chapter 2-12 Download (2012)

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