Saturday, February 5, 2011


In the interim weeks before the patch with quests, I'm intent on getting linkshell members (as well as myself) mobile enough to get anywhere around Eorzea quickly, just in-case a quest calls for it. So last week, this week, and for the next three weeks, I am holding "expeditions" in which we go around the world on a journey to get as many aetherial nodes as possible.

Last week, we explored La Noscea:

My personal favorite part of the journey was going through the "Isles of Umbra". The area surrounding it was well designed, and doesn't suffer from a lot of the "copy pasta" people like to complain about. It's a very cavernous/cliffy area. Hard to explain it, but the aetherial node itself is on the peak of the island. You can get a good view of La Noscea and Limsa Lominsa to the east. Great place to take screenshots.

This week, and next week, we are exploring through Thanalan.

And that's all the pictures I have of our expeditions for now.

PS: I absolutely love some of the scenery of Thanalan. The grassy area was an area we ended up in while getting lost in the mountainous area and found it completely by accident.

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