Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday-Induced Rant! The Good, the Bad, the Interesting.

^ Happy Friday!

Better start with the good, and then the bad:


-Today, we're hoping to get the rest of the filming for "If Jon Ruled The World" done. The video may be released by this month, but it seems unlikely. Possibly March.

-After that is all over, I'm going to head over to GameStop and download my Celebi to my Pokemon SoulSilver and Pearl versions. (That's right, I get two!) I can get the event in HeartGold/SoulSilver that allows this:

Make sure to get your Celebi to your DS before March 7th!

-We also a composer interested in the Codename: EPIC team! So we almost have a full development team now. I just need to train two other people how to use the software so we'll be able to develop different parts of the game at the same time.

-I'm also working on a new update to Dojo Adventure which should be coming in March.

-Some of the Blackbelt's abilities are going to be adjusted and split into tiers. So Blackbelt will be getting new higher-form abilities out of what exists and the existing abilities will be adjusted and made weaker as well as have their accuracy adjusted.

-Paramedic is also going to get the ability "Heal 4" which restores all HP to a party member.


-I had a Physics midterm today, and although I think I did okay on 3 of the 5 problems, I don't think it's enough to garner enough points to have a decent score. I need to work on the labs and homework to get a decent grade for the class and move on to Physics II next quarter.

-I still need to get my laptop repaired, the USB ports are still dislocated, and I've yet to get them fixed.


"Where did all the nice guys go?"

-A friend sent me this article a couple of days ago, but I really have to say that he was right on par, and this article is very, very, true!

(It also doesn't just apply to guys, I imagine this works with both genders. But from personal experience, it couldn't be more true.)

Though it is kind of sad when you think about it. We always overlook what's in front of us and try to go for what we can't have. Yay for plans backfiring, right?


Gotta admit, guy has a point.

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