Friday, February 11, 2011

My Opinion on the "Tell Her She's Beautiful" Movement - 2011 Iteration

You can participate in the event by attending here.

I was tempted to do a blog post about the 2010 version of this event last year, but opted out of it and went for a standard post instead.

It is no question that we as a society largely emphasize on what the media considers to be beautiful. So much so that it's extremely distorted and unrealistic, and there are all of these methods to try and change one's physical appearance in order to meet those unrealistic standards. Not only can it be a damper to one's self-esteem, but it shows how simplistic and superficial of a society we are.

Recently, a friend re-blogged on his Tumblr blog about Katy Perry on a recent cover of Rolling Stone magazine where they edited her picture for the cover.

Just compare the two pictures, and you'll notice they changed some very unimportant details in order to try and create someone who looks "perfect". But are we really so superficial that we consider a person whose beauty is not even real and is artificially/digitally edited, to be over that who has beauty on the inside and out as is?

This is why I look forward to events and movements on Facebook like these. Like I mentioned earlier, they did something like this last year around this time (for Valentine's Day, perhaps?)

Take the time out of the day (according to the event, it's Saturday) to really tell a girlfriend/girl you like/female companion/etc how beautiful she really is. I don't know if I can speak for everyone, personally I don't like someone who is fake or tries to change their appearance to such a degree that they try to hide the natural beauty that's there just to try to appeal to someone or make themselves feel "beautiful".

I would take the time to do the event myself, but unfortunately I lack someone special to actively participate in this event, so I wanted to make sure I put in my two cents and pass it on to those who can actually participate. This is my chance to "pass-it-on", if you will.

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