Thursday, February 3, 2011

Patch 1.15a

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Yesterday, there was a patch for Final Fantasy XIV.

I haven't had much time to play around with it, but I checked it out for a couple of hours yesterday. Getting SP from monsters is much more tolerable now. Candlestar Arandur and myself were out killing some deer, condors, and sheep over in Coerthas (near Camp Dragonhead) for 450-600 EXP and 250-300 SP a kill.

There was some changes to the battle screen and the mini-map as well. The text is actually much easier to see by being color coded, makes it easier to see who or what is getting a status effect. (Especially the monster being stunned when hit with Shock Spikes on.)

There was also changes to the Market System and Gathering jobs. I've yet to try either, I'll probably append to this post later on today, so watch this space.

My plans now that SP gains are relatively fixed are that I'm going to spend my weekends for the next few months getting Gladiator and Conjurer to 50. I also plan on taking some movies of the gameplay missions and quests for storyline I've yet to accomplish. I'll probably post them on my YouTube acccount. I'm also planning on exploring more of Thanalan or The Black Shroud with my LS. Given the disappointing signups for the events, I have a feeling I'll be adventuring by myself. Oh well, more fun for me, right? (That, or I really pissed off a lot of people last week.)

In the end, this wasn't too big of an update, this isn't the patch people are expecting with the butt-load of content, that comes later this month. However, this greatly improved the UI much more, Square-Enix is really doing all they can to try and turn this mess around, even if it is costing them millions.

In short (okay, maybe it's not so short), if you left the game, it's not worth coming back just yet. I say this in a nice tone, though. The game will get better in time, and I think that's what Square-Enix is going for on this one. Hence why the PS3 version was delayed. They made a terrible move releasing the game early, and it's shaping up to be what a Final Fantasy game deserves to be, here's hoping the reviews for the PS3 will be good enough to warrant a re-review of the PC version after all of the fixes are complete.
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