Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Update on progress for degree(s) - Updated for upcoming Spring 2011 Quarter.

An update on classes I'm taking for Spring 2011 quarter from March-June.

PHYS222 (Physics II)
Math 262 (Statistics)
Math 372 (Combinatorics)

I didn't want to take such an underwhelming schedule, but I needed a lighter courseload for three reasons: I was advised that PHYS222 was much tougher than PHYS221, and my alternatives for courses weren't to my liking. (I don't feel like I'm ready to take Operating Systems just yet.), and most importantly I was making myself ill going four days a week 12 hours a day. Here are the flowcharts for the two degrees I am going for:

-Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (The standard degree. Accredited. Major emphasis.)

-Bachelor of Arts in Computer Systems -Video Game Development (Second Degree. The one I really want, but is a dream job/career. I want to be qualified to do other software development as well.)


A red X denotes that the class has been taken and completed.
A red circle denotes that the class is currently being taken (as of Winter Quarter 2011)
A blue circle denotes that the class is scheduled to be taken
No mark means the class has yet to be taken.

I crossed out CSE500. That's a class that is not on my year's course work to be completed. Well, it is, but it's only a requirement for 2009-2010 and on. I'm kind of happy now that I graduated in 2008, now I think about it.
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