Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Day/Single Awareness Day Rant

^ Of course, this is a joke. Sort of.


The Single Version:

I have a multitude of acquaintances and friends that are lacking a Valentine or equivalent for this year and are kind of in the dumps about it. Here are some guidelines I use with concerning the day a lot of people dread about. I hope it will help to those that may find the day a little depressing or disheartening and need cheering up.

-Not having a valentine for Valentine's Day is not the end of the world. (Although some people will swear up and down like it is. Ignore them.) It's a day to show appreciation to a loved one, sure. But if you don't have a valentine, have a special day for yourself. Treat yourself out to a dinner or a movie or something.

^ It should be noted that a friend pointed out that if someone is that unhappy to begin with, going to a movie or a dinner to see even more couples wouldn't help the situation. I should have been more clear. Do something you enjoy to get your mind off things. "Or something" means to do it at your own discretion. If you're going to be jealous of other couples, then the problem does not lie

-Wallowing in self-pity is a bad thing to do. It just evokes negative feelings and a possible blow to the self-esteem. This is supposed to be a day for feeling in a good mood, there's no reason to feel down and out.

-Value your independence and freedom while you can. There are both incentives and bad qualities to being single and in a relationship. We just have a bad habit of exaggerating the incentives and playing off the bad qualities while under one situation, and we long for what we don't have. Some more than others. Unfortunately, it's human nature.

-The most important one. Don't go for just anyone for your Valentine just because you don't have one. First, it is an act of desperation, and no one likes a desperate person. Second, it is better to wait a long time for a meaningful relationship with someone special than to grab someone you may not like but feel you have to be with. And lastly, if you're trying to find a valentine for the sake of finding a valentine, you may end up with some hurt feelings or lose some friends or people will lose your respect by the end of the day.


Relationship Version:

Even if you do have a valentine, you shouldn't use this day as the only possible day to show affection to someone. A special day, sure. But only being romantic on this day implies that there are deeper issues within the relationship itself. Consider it to be a special day for the two of you, but always show affection on a regular basis. If you're reading this and giving me a "wtf" look as in you already do these things, then this post wasn't directed at you, you're doing it correctly.


2011: Valentine's Day Song

I normally post a special song each year for Valentine's Day. Here is the song for this year.


Oh, and Ryan insisted he make me let you all know that he's single and looking for a girl.

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