Sunday, March 13, 2011

3/13 Updates - Viva Eorzea/XIV Updates, BETACinema, and new announcement!

A hell of a lot has happened this past couple of days.

Added with the fact that I promised a fairly long rant... so here it is.

First and foremost, the country of Japan had a tremendous earthquake that resulted in giant tsunamis afterward. Please, I encourage you to at least donate something to the various relief funds that are going on. More details can be found here.


^ No, I'm not angry. If someone stands there and takes pictures, I'm tempted to flail around like Kirby and yell "Hiiiii!". Just sayin'.

Anyway, yesterday was a very productive day.

Final Fantasy XIV:
Although, I had to wake up at the 8AM (which is equivalent to the crack of dawn for me), I lead the FFXIV Gridania quests with the linkshell:

While the quests felt like I had something to do in game, there was just something... missing. Not quite sure how to explain it, but the game doesn't really feel too epic with all of this easy content. In any case, I have one more main quest to do for the Gridania and should be done there.

Also, I'm trying to get a second co-leader for the linkshell. I have a good idea of who will take the new second-in-command spot, but I'm not willing to make any final confirmations yet.

I've also just been notified that the game has been taken down for about a week while Japan is recovering from the recent earthquake/tsunami. Until then as well, the LS will go into hiatus while I focus on restructuring.



Well, snap. Where to begin?

We filmed a pretty funny skit today. I don't want to reveal specifics, but this one is kind of aimed at more of the intellectual crowd. It's kind of bad (on my part) when you have to sit there and have to explain some of the jokes (ie: Chain Rule and Taylor/McLaurin series) , but I tried to have a balance of jokes that anyone can understand and some others can get as well. I guess I'll have to wait and see how that's received and go from there to determine if I want to write more niche material like that.

Also: "If Jon Ruled the World" is almost finished. Just a little longer. I'm helping out with some of the video editing in that regards to try and accelerate development.

New Announcement:

Starting in April, I'm going to convert my YouTube page and make it a page primarily a YouTube page for development with my game projects (Whim Independent Studios) and post new game project trailers, and new trailers for BETACinema comedy/video projects. I am also planning on having commentary/outtakes of the group on that page as well. Main skits and sketches will still be placed on BETACinema's main YouTube page, as always.

(Photos of BETA March Meeting are courtesy of Mechanical Mia.)
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