Friday, March 25, 2011

Indie Dreamin'

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Title of this blog taken from this Mega64 movie:

But yeah, this post is focusing on what I'm going to work on project-wise for my independent [indie] groups: Whim Independent Studios and BETACinema!

For one, I came up with a new logo for my indie game work. It's nothing too special, but I didn't have one before hand, but now I have something simple and straight to the point.

And there it is!

Some people may call me conceited to come up with a title for an indie studio that does the work, but for Codename: EPIC (which will also use the above logo) has a much larger cast of people contributing to the project, so perhaps this logo may be used in the future for some of my side projects as well as any further games I/we may work on under this name. (Like Shadow Kid if I ever get the inspiration to take that out of hiatus.)

Dojo Adventure:

A new version of Dojo Adventure is coming March 31st. You can see a list of planned changes here.

On top of that I'm planning some more features:

Aging (Status Effect):

A party member afflicted with aging loses 1/10 of total HP a turn and cannot gain EXP at the end of battle. Unlike Poison, however, Aging ends at the end of battle. It can be healed by the magic spell "Reverse".

Resistance Rings:

I'm adding more options for rings/accessories that can be equipped. These will be obtained through new side-quests that are planned to be in the March Version as well.

Here are some aesthetic changes going to be implemented in the March 2011 version:


I'm also hoping to edit together the footage for the newest skit this weekend and have that done by April 1st. More info to come in a future blog post.
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