Monday, March 7, 2011

Pokémon Black Version: First Day Impressions (Unfinished)

Note: Unfinished Blog Entry.

So after being psyched to get this game, and talking about it non stop for the past couple of weeks, I've finally gotten Black Version on release day!


Like every Pokémon game released thus far, you're a new trainer setting out on an adventure in a new region to get the eight badges and the Elite Four. That formula hasn't changed too much.

However, I've noticed some differences from other Pokemon games, especially for this new generation.

This game feels more like Red/Blue/Yellow version did (or whatever was your first Pokémon game). I say this because this really does feel like a whole new game. They tried to distance this pair of games from all of the others that have been released, and they pulled this off quite well especially because of one reason (in particular) that's noticeable from the start.

You don't see any old Pok
émon. At all.

In previous games, they would mix some of the old, more common Pokémon with the newer species of the game. In Black and White, every Pokémon you meet in the game is brand-spanking new. I mean, there aren't even Zubats and Geodudes in caves, even they've been replaced with new Unova Pokémon. Like this for example:

Shocking, right?


They've also made some interesting new changes to the storyline of the game to keep things fresh and kind of interesting:

-There is a much deeper storyline here than in this game than in previous iterations. Not to mention the fact that you get two rivals. (You can't name them, unfortunately) Each one takes the starter you didn't get. Team Plasma (the evil organization of the game) makes many more appearances so far (and I've not even gotten to the third gym yet.) While linear like the other games, I feel like the characters here have much more personalities and the gym leaders themselves actually play more important roles in the story rather than appear and are never seen again.

Gameplay Changes:

-TMs are re-usable! I wasn't expecting this, nor have I knew this before actually playing it. Once you get a TM, you have it forever now. I'll like this when making a competitive team (if I ever get the time to go through with it.)

-The Pokémon Center and PokéMart are now one big huge building in each town. Quite nifty, if you ask me. I always had trouble finding the PokéMart in town. If you have a package or a mystery gift, there will be a guy to the left of the entrance who will hand you stuff. (Kind of like D/P/P/HG/SS)

-They have a "low HP" battle theme. Yeah, it takes the annoying warning beeps from the older games and makes a tune out of it.

-The Wi-Fi is way expanded. They have menus for online competitions, a Battle Box in the PC one can use to deposit pokemon to go in these competitions, and may be used in the future for other things. (Easy syncing up to a new Pokemon Battle Revolution Wii game in the future, maybe?). There's also infrared battling, and a way to join in on a friend's adventure. I really want to get around to trying all these features, and I hope to. I also noticed that GTS (Global Trade Terminal) is available after you get the first badge rather than after beating the Elite Four.

-The battle screens got completely redesigned. Though the structure works the same was as it always has, it's more fluid. The game also has a camera and zooms in on the moves. The changes make the battles much more interesting to look at. Before it would just be one static sprite for the majority, and now battles certainly feel much more lively. A welcoming change if you ask me.

-They also ended the whole "caps" thing in regards to wild Pokémon. For example: It's nice to see "Snivy" instead of "SNIVY". I'm glad they got rid of that.

I also noticed a lot of the move animations from Generation IV were re-used, it's nothing to really dread, but it seems like a lot of Gen IV resources were re-used.


Anyway, so far I'm really enjoying Black Version. I highly suggest picking up Black or White if you have a Nintendo DS. (Actually, I'd be surprised if you have a DS and weren't planning on getting it).

And if you do get (or already have) the game, make sure to add me! My friend code is 4169-3822-6605.

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