Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Random Rant Ramble Returns!

So, while I anxiously wait for grades to be posted, I have been [mostly] enjoying my Spring Break. My goal for what I'm taking next quarter largely depends on these classes, so that will probably be in either A/ my very relieved next post OR B/ my very depressing rant about how I got so close but didn't make it. With optimism (and mercy from professors), I am hoping to meet situation A. The realism in me is going for one class that passes and one that doesn't.

Anyway, how have I been spending my time during my four days of break so far?

Final Fantasy XIII:

I finally beat Barthandelus (and finally spelled his name correctly) in Final Fantasy XIII which allowed me to get to chapter 12. I'm really nearing the end of the game. (Which makes me happy for now. But being the FF fanboy that I am, I will probably end up purchasing FFXIII-2 upon release, anyway) Anyway, it's a love-hate with the game. It's a great RPG, but it just doesn't feel like a Final Fantasy at all! Beginning cutscene is of Chapter 12 is still freakin' epic, though.

Final Fantasy XIV:

I did rank 36 Gladiator Class quest and Rank 38 storyline quest. Both of them were equally epic. Despite all the problems that this game has, this has some gems in it, even if it requires going through a disproportionate amount of grueling pain and work to get there. I had two friends (Ois Zalure and Kaori Kaja) help me out with this fight, and I am glad they did, because there would be no way I could solo this shiz.

Other Games:

I was able to get some play time in for Chrono Cross and Pokemon as well. I'm hoping to finish disc 1 of CC by the end of Spring Break and this last weekend I beat the Multi Tower on Black Version with my friend, also we checked out the Entralink. It's a very interesting little multiplayer feature. (There's a special mission you can do to half all the shop prices!) Guess who stocked up on TMs while it was 1/2 off? :)


Math Skit is coming soon!

YouTube Poop!

Waxonator recently came back to YouTube, and posted this. I don't know how long this has been up (on his own account), but after watching this, I am definitely a fan!

I will most likely post this in best movie of 2011 at the end of the year, watch me if I don't eat my words.


RE: Nintendo 3DS release:

The Nintendo 3DS came out on Sunday! Unfortunately, I have nowhere near enough funds to purchase one at the moment. So that will have to wait until May.

But, in a recent status update, I was reminiscing with a friend about GameBoy games we enjoyed a decade+ ago, and I really hope they release this jewel for the Virtual Console.

That's right. The 1994 remake of Donkey Kong for the Game Boy. On top of that, this game was epic. It had way more interesting levels and puzzles than the 1981 original. I played it years ago, and the cartridge of the game is long gone (maybe somewhere in my garage?). But just having this game be re-released is motivation enough to get the Nintendo 3DS.

We also mentioned Link's Awakening. Boy does that game bring back memories...

And this song, this song!

That's about all I have to rant for this time. It's longer than it's been in a while, but writing is the best way to vent, and I think I accomplished that in this post. XD

Until Thursday, friends!

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