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Viva Eorzea Linkshell: April 2011 Leadership Administration (Rough Draft)

See also: Restoration of Servers.

2011 Viva Eorzea Administration: The following is scheduled to take effect on March 25, 2011 unless stated otherwise.


Grover Eyeveen

Ricocant Tribal
Valoreign Xorion

Linkshell Event Coordinator:
Lolo Landerlu

Recruitment Officers:
Mika Kitazaki
Crevox Shadeseer
Sean Helios

Viva Eorzea Members:
Viva Eorzea Linkshell Member List (September 22, 2010-January 3, 2011)
Viva Eorzea Member List (January 3, 2011-Present)

Linkshell Website:

Viva Eorzea Linkshell on Facebook

I. Viva Eorzea's Objective
II. Recruitment Policy
A. Prospective Recruiters
III. New Linkshell Policies
A. Events
IV. Inactivity

V. Rule Changes

Viva Eorzea's Objective:

Viva Eorzea was developed in July of 2010 to make a fun linkshell for any and all members willing to play Final Fantasy XIV. It was gathered by a Facebook invite to many different people who came from many different backgrounds as means to play together at launch. We welcome those of all skill levels, job levels, crafts, what have you.

We are all in this for the long haul while the game goes through this year of transformation, and hopefully we see this game bloom into something special and memorable!

New Recruitment Policy:

The linkshell expanded in September to include people of Figaro Server and has a policy of open recruitment.

At first, we were willing to accept any and everyone as long as they follow simple online courtesy, but due to the uncovering of the unfortunate 128 member linkshell cap, we have a new policy of having members seek us out rather than seeking for prospective members. For this reason we will no longer shout for members, but still welcome new linkshell members, friends of current members, and those who find us from online websites such as ZAM, FFXIVCore, and the like are encouraged to join.

Prospective Recruiters:

If you are interested in becoming a recruitment officer, please talk to a leader, co-leader, or senior officer. You may be subject to an interview by leaders and/or officers. Recruitment officers do not get any special rules except to welcome members upon request or free will. Please do not shout for recruits. (As per the new recruitment policy.)

Unless asked to by a leader, senior officer, or another member, recruiters will be held responsible for the people they invite into the linkshell. Excessive rudeness among new members is not tolerated. Excessive 'trolling' of new members is also not tolerated.

New Linkshell Policies:

*Subject to change depending on how Companies will be implemented in the future.

Unless it's a dire emergency*, suggestions for ways to improve a linkshell should be sent to a leader or senior officer.

Dire Emergency - One of which takes immediate action.

Can include (but not limited to):
-Banning/Suspension of/Forced Removal of Linkshell Members*
-Moving to another linkshell due to reaching a 128 hard-cap of members. (Immediate)

*Removal or banning of any current linkshell member means that a reason must be submitted in writing to the linkshell leadership the day the event took place.


There will be at least one linkshell event per week. Times that events will be held is dependent on the person(s) holding the event.

It is not mandatory to attend linkshell events. Though most of times, it would be to your benefit if you need a missing camp, aetherial node, or storyline/miscellaneous quest. For most of April leading up to the patches, there will be guildleve events of ranks 20, 30, and 40 to get people ready for faction leves and NM hunts in the future!


Viva Eorzea's definition of 'Inactive': Any linkshell member who has been inactive for two months or more is considered to be inactive.* Inactive members may be removed from the roster unless a notice is given ahead of time. Inactive members who are removed from the linkshell are welcome to return to the linkshell at any time if they return given that the 128 member cap is not reached.

This rule may change in the future when better linkshell options are available for the game. This section may be revised in the future.

*Time affected by natural disasters that require shutdown of servers do not count towards this day total.

Rule Changes:

The Viva Eorzea Linkshell Leadership (Includes: Leader, Co-Leader, Senior Advisers) has and reserves the right to modify these rules at any given time, with at least three days of advance notice for rules pertaining to conduct and one month advance notice for rules regarding drops/changes to point accumulation for events (in the future).

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