Monday, April 18, 2011

4/18/2011 = 1.11 * 10^-4

For lack of a better title.

This last weekend I took a break from my projects and laid back to do some reading and catch up on some sleep. Also, gaming.

Developers' Interest Group:

Or is it Developer's? I guess both of them make sense. I'm using them interchangeably. I know I'm probably making English freaks cry (whoever is reading).

On May 4th and June 6th (and future months after that), I will be attending this seminar for developers. I'm hoping to present Codename: EPIC there at the end of the year. We'll see how that goes. (Maybe have a trailer ready for presentation?) I'll keep information about this posted as I learn more about it. I'm excited to be going in a few weeks. :) If I end up presenting the game, I'll encourage you all to come and check out its debut in the winter.

EVE Online:

Saturday, [Jodin Kangra] introduced me to the game EVE Online, and we went through a three hour tutorial of the game. I can easily say that that is the hardest, most-thought out game I've ever played. Everything is so in-depth, it's actually inspiring for two reasons. One, it's good to see a game that's not oversimplified to the point where it insults the player, EVE is not one for someone who is casual, not in the least. Two, I know not to make my games so overcomplicated in the future where it confuses the player. I'm not a big fan of metagaming, and EVE seems to require a lot of that in order to be successful. I'm on the fence on whether I'm going to stick around permanently. But I'm going to lurk around while I'm on my free trial and go from there.

Game Music:

I've been listening to a lot of old video game music lately, and I came upon "The Star Onions", again. It's a music group of composers of Final Fantasy XI. Think "The Black Mages", but only with XI tracks.

You can check out a lot of their music on their album. Or listen to their individual tracks. Though, I'll save the hassle and post my two favorite themes that they've done:

1/ Kazham

This remix has a heavy jazz theme to it as opposed to the original rendition heard in game. I like both of them actually. This song has a really good laid back beat to it (which I like by default!)

2/ Ru'Lude Gardens

This remix completely changed the original theme from its core. If you clicked the link you'll notice the song has a traditional theme, but for the remix they pretty much made a whole new arrangement only using snips and pieces of the original melody.

I went ahead and uploaded this version to my YouTube profile since this song wasn't on the list (much to my disappointment). I guess not very many know about this version.

Final Fantasy XIV:

Most of Saturday night was spent killing Notorious Monsters. We were able to get one of the mages in the shell her hat from one of the wolf NMs [Bardi], but then after that, all of the drop rates of every NM we fought after that went to hell.

We did get this picture, though!

Also, this gunblade was found in the XIV data files. -_- Now after playing both VIII and XIII (in my opinion which are the worst in the series), why would they put this in there? :|

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