Sunday, April 24, 2011

April Random Rant Ramble

Hey all!

This blog post is going to be mostly a somewhat unorganized collection of my thoughts. I guess I'd attribute that to my lack of sleep this week. Not to mention I am very stubborn and work with a one-track mind, it's hard for me to focus and I'm easily distracted if people are talking to me during the daytime, so I generally work on my projects during the late night when I'm not disturbed.

Where was I going with this tangent?

I had a discussion with some of my team members for Codename: EPIC project the other day, and while that went well, I think I'm going to move the day of meetings from Friday. It's hard to get the whole group of people together when everyone has other commitments and schedules. Such is life. So I'll need to coordinate with several meetings in very different time frames to get everyone involved, it's going to be a lot of work. Perhaps I should get a daily planner...

Anyway, after said meeting, I came across an article/guide about game development and designing with RPG Maker VX (but can really apply to other game makers as well). It really fits the situation I am in with the Codename: EPIC Project. If you're planning on going into game development or design, it has some good starting points for building RPGs and NPC behavior/events as well. Benko (creator of the guide) made it easy-to-read, accessible (and not to mention free!) and I highly recommend it.

Speaking of interesting game design, if you haven't seen this, I think it's amazing what this guy did with an active battle system on an RPG VX engine.

Anyway, I think all of this comes from some kind of hurt feelings from when I was told up-front by one of my (now ex-) friends that project would never be anything great just because I use a pre-made engine. Her lack of support hurt my feelings enough that I stopped talking to her permanently because of it. In fact, it motivated me enough to make sure that it is a project the team and I can be proud of. :)

The focus of this project is to work on my design skills as a game designer rather than my programming and animation skills. I want to emphasize fun and compelling gameplay, that's just how I like doing things. Presentation is important as well, heck one could say they go hand-in-hand. But if a game is fun, people will play it no matter what engine it runs on. That's my philosophy, though. Everyone is entitled to their own views on it.


Now for a change of subjects...

Also, today I'll be breeding a bunch of Zorua eggs in honor of today. (Whatever that may be in the real world. :P) If you would like a Zorua for your Pokemon Black or White Version, let me know and I'll save you one.

Until Tuesday! I'll maybe try and get some sleep, before I die/pass out due to exhaustion. :|

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