Tuesday, May 10, 2011

100 Posts and 15,000 views later - A look back

New blog milestone!

Thanks to everyone who reads (or stalks... stalking isn't good) the blog! I'm very appreciative for all who reads my post-midnight ramblings on here for the past 7 months or so.

I don't know about you guys, but I get a great joy out of writing my thoughts out on virtual paper and know that there are some people who give a remote damn about the stuff that I do write, and for that I am thankful. :D

Top Four Blog Posts (By Views):

4. Pokémon Black Version: First Day Impressions (Unfinished) (March 2011)

I posted my first impressions of the new Pokemon games on release day. I honestly don't know why it garnered so many views, but two months later and I'm still playing it hardcore, so that has to mean something.

3. Dojo Adventure Download (2004 (Old Blog)-March 2011)

This was my first game project I developed for six years primarily on my own with help from a few friends. I have stopped working on it, but the game is primarily finished. The spiritual sequel to the game is the Codename: EPIC project (in development), as the two games take place in the same world, but on different parts of it, allowing for a whole new story to be created. Anyway, I still suggest playing it. Dojo Adventure is free, but Codename: EPIC won't be.

2. Final Fantasy XI Retirement (December 2010)

This remains to be my most viewed individual blog entry. It chronicles my seven-year adventure through Vana'diel, my handling with game addiction, and falling for someone over the interwebs. Some people who have read the entry were in similar situations and ended up actually getting married to people they've met in-game, and I'm happy for them! I also have some of my friends that are in similar situations, and it just shows that love itself has no boundaries. I have lots of pictures over my seven-year adventure, too!

1. Naoki Yoshida (Series - January 2011-Present)

I decided to clump all the posts related to him together since it's considered to be multiple parts of the same post. Anyway, the series discusses my feelings about the patch and the way Yoshi-P is handling the development of Final Fantasy XIV as it goes. For those who don't know, XIV had a disastrous launch last September, and since then the development team has been overhauled to try and save the game from disaster before the PS3 release. With that, they hired Naoki Yoshida to be the new director and producer of the project, and since then I have been continuously posting my opinions and feedback to his letters of the producer and the patches themselves.


Anyway, thanks everyone for reading my semi-daily rants on the interwebs. :D (Maybe I should get Adsense now...)

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