Monday, May 2, 2011

Beginning of May Rant: Goals and Aspirations

Hey, blog readers!

I hope you all had a good weekend. Mine had its ups and downs. As you can see I'm posting this very late at night because I have some strange sleep patterns. I am trying to take a friend's advice which said if I still have things on my mind and not ready for sleep, don't go to sleep. And so far that doesn't seem to be working. (Much to my detriment). I've stayed up working on several projects (including the movie I posted last blog entry) until early the next morning.

Also, while I was writing this entry (I usually write these entries hours or even days in advance), the news reported the death of Osama Bin Laden. I would have to say this is the first time in my lifetime that I'm happy about someone not being alive anymore. That guy caused a large amount of grief, a war on terror, and instilled fear and anger and sadness into so many people for the past ten years. Depending on your beliefs or values, he will surely be an undesirable and placed in somewhere he deserves to be. And if anything, this is a sense of closure for many people. But it surely isn't the end of the fight. In any case, we can rejoice as Americans over the victory, and I imagine a lot of people have this song stuck in their head when thinking about it. And apparently the YouTube comments agree with me.


Goals for May:

Final Fantasy XIV:

On a brighter note, Naoki Yoshida released a new Letter from the Producer, showing off some new features being added for Patch 1.18. This is pretty good news given that the population of the game (as well as our linkshell) seems to be on the upswing. We were able to get some people new gears too. Like Geumran with this bodypiece, for example:

Codename: EPIC:

I'm going to devote most of this month to working on a set plot for the game. It's going to take some criticism and a lot of collaboration to get a good balance between a good storytelling in-game as well as balancing it with engaging gameplay. I want to make sure chapter 1 has a lot of time devoted to it since it's the foundation of the game. It will be hard to go back and retroactively change things in the long run, so I want to have a good setup and exposition for the story.

I also need to get my laptop repaired this month. The lack of good USB ports (because they're de-attached for whatever reason >.<) so I need to get a new bottom frame and get that fixed as soon as I can so I can start taking this laptop places again.

Pokemon Black:

I'm currently working on EV training a Haxorus and Krookodile.

I EV-trained the hell out of the attack of the former, and I'm working on Attack/Speed of the second. And I'm aware of Krookodile's nose. Let's all be mature about it, 'kay?

I'm also working on the moveset of my Hydreigon. Debating between Flamethrower and Stone Edge... Hmm...

DJ Yuzoboy:

I recently discovered this guy on YouTube. He's good with remixing video game music and more mainstream songs: (or maybe I just have a bad ear for music. I hope not!)

Check these out:

Until Wednesday!
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