Monday, May 16, 2011

Doom and Gloom! (But mostly Doom) - ...and Rank 42 Quest.

Today's entry: My recent adventures in FFXIV.

Doom and Gloom:

At least that's what this guy says, or what everyone in Eorzea has been saying as of late. Up until last update, the world has been mainly peaceful. (Outside of main story cutscenes). But now the music in Thanalan has been cutting off at random, and GM-like NPCs have been popping up at random places warning people about impending doom and gloom in various languages. This particular one was doing it in German.

Anyway, I'm excited to see what this doom and gloom is of, all I know that it's probably coming next update. (Was it mid-May or June?)


Rank 42 Quest:

I got my Sentinel level up to rank 42 which means that I was able to undertake the next quest in the main scenario sequence. (And yes, shield skill counts!)

Very underwhelming! :( I was told by my LS friends that the R46 quest makes up for it though. I just had to go to Camp Nine Ivies and kill some wolves with my NPC.

Later this week we're supposed to get word of the upcoming battle-system coming to the game along with the giant overhaul that's coming soon. Hopefully not soon after that and all this new content we finally get a PS3 beta testing announcement or something.

Well, I'm being optimistic.

Until Wednesday!
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